photographer ● web developer ● activist

Activism via Entrepeneurship

Raúl's experience as an entrepreneur allows him also to support social and environmental causes. By coaching activists into achieving successful crowdfunding campaigns and improving their communications to reach their overall goals.

Most of this work is done and financed by Raúl's Photography.

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About Raúl

Raúl is a Wordpress Web Developer that uses his mix of skills to support multiple social causes.


Who I am, and why I want your efforts to succeed.

From planning to helping you find purpose and funding to your projects.

“No matter if you are a new organization or a very established one. I can help you improve your online presence.”

raul-colon-signature Who I am, and why I want your efforts to succeed.

Local Efforts with a Global Reach

We’ll show you everything you need to know to get your efforts recognized with the right audience.

Our personal, organizational, and business blogging efforts in the past have global reach. We have partners and customers who collaborate with us and help us reach our goals.


Here's why you'll love Working with Raúl

Quality Code

Clean Code. Software that's easy read and maintain. We make it easier for your team or those that come after us to keep everything updated and running smoothly.

On-Time Delivery

Our focused team, proper planning, and seamless project management methodology created from handling BIG4 & SP100 clients guarantees we deliver on time.


Getting your budget right from the beginning is critical to any project and business. Our years of experience will give you the assurance that we will stay on budget.

Industry Recognized Partners

Our clients and partners are recognized and leaders in their industry. We are grateful for being able to put our relationships at the hands of our clients.

“I have learned from others of the importance of not having to ask for permission to move forward. I want you to do the same and push your efforts a bit further than what you think you would be able to achieve”

– Raúl Colón

Photography of Puerto Rico & Travel

Raúl spends most of his time in Puerto Rico. He usually carries his camera with him everywhere. Please Feel free to Click on any of the images below.
Playa de Ballenas en Guanica
Camp in Guayanilla
Puerto Rico's March Asking Rossello to Resign
Puerto Rico's March Asking Rossello to Resign
Puerto Rico Protests