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Raúl Colón

Raúl Colón is a technologist at heart, entrepreneur, activist, photographer, and proud dad. After working for consulting firms such as KPMG LLP as an IT security consultant, he decided to shift his energy into helping business owners build their businesses, online.

Activism through Entrepreneurship

Raúl also is involved in many causes related to current issues of his birthplace and homeland Puerto Rico. He collaborates with multiple activist groups as an advisor in online communications and uses his photography and writing to create awareness on these issues.

His experience as an entrepreneur allows him also to support causes and non-for-profits on how to continue their efforts. By coaching activists into achieving successful crowdfunding campaigns and improving their communications to reach their overall goals. Most of this work is done and financed by Raúl's Photography.

Business Growth Advisor & WordPress Developer

Strategic Partnerships

He serves as a Strategic Partner at Owner Media Group, working with Chris BroganRob Hatch ,and the rest of the Human Business Works Team in helping companies and individuals like you to equip themselves with the knowledge, skills, and resources to help you their business and their life.

For more information please contact Raul directly.

Photo of Raúl Colón
Image by Jesse Hoorelbeke

Hire and Work with Raúl

Industry Experience

His experiences include, but are not limited to the following industries:
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Insurance.
Photo taken at Atomic Cafe in Fargo ND

Big 4 Alumni and Business Degree

He holds a BBA in Public Accounting and is also a Big 4 Alumni having worked with KPMG's Information Risk Management Advisory Practice based in New York City.

He has over 12 years of Business and IT Consulting Experience. Currently, he is working on a company where small business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-ups can outsource their Online Marketing Department.

He is President of CIMA IT Solutions Corp where he offers IT  Business Consulting. He also served as partner of Receiptloader.com a mobile application for IOS and Android that helps you keep track of receipts and stores them as images and reports. He has been a Vegetarian since 2006 (Vegan since 2011) and he founded Veglatino.com, a blog where people can learn about the Latino vegetarian lifestyle.

If You wish to contact him please feel free to email him at raul@raulcolon.net or follow him on twitter @rj_c. SXSW waiting for Badge

Some of Raul's Non for Profit Online Collaborations

Misfit Conference photo by Nelson Dewitt

Photo by Nelson DeWitt

Disclosures and Relationships

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