Playa de Ballenas en Guanica

Playa de Ballenas en Guanica

Playa de Ballenas In Guanica, Puerto RIco

by Raúl Colón

Sunset in Playa Ballenas, Guanica, PR

⁣⁣📆 January 16, 2019⁣⁣
⁣⁣📍 Guanica, PR

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Some Additional Thoughs on the Photo of Playa Ballenas, Guanica, PR

Last time I stood on these rocks, 22 years ago, I was about to graduate High School.
I remember capturing photos of my classmates with my Kodak Advantix camera. Life was simple, and I was getting ready for Boot Camp in the Army.
About a year ago, I stood on these same rocks with my family.

I was showing my daughter where I invested most of my days Body Boarding on Ballenas Beach with my best friend, Alex Burgos.
It was a beautiful sunset that brought some lovely memories and a chance to think about my present and my past.

🌊 #PuertoRico #WhateverPuertoRico 🌴#Guanica #Sunset 🌅  #NikonZ7

Playa de Ballenas en Guanica

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Playa de Ballenas en Guanica