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Activism via Entrepeneurship

Raúl's experience as an entrepreneur allows him also to support social and environmental causes. By coaching activists into achieving successful crowdfunding campaigns and improving their communications to reach their overall goals.

Most of this work is done and financed by Raúl's Photography.

Stuff I Write

View of Fireworks of Magic Kingdom from Disney's Polynesian Resort

My 3 Words – Three words to guide your actions

Tomorrowland Sign in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

My 3 Words – Not Just Short Wishes For The New Year

Moss on Condado Beach in Puerto RIco

Turning 40

Cabo Rojo Sunset

My 3 Words for 2020


Taking a Stance on Social Issues


What Happened in Puerto Rico’s Revolution – #RickyRenuncia

Represa de Comerio

My 3 Words for 2019

Puerto Rico's Real Death Toll

Honoring Hurricane Maria Victims


Does Puerto Rico pay taxes?

Photography of Puerto Rico & Travel

Raúl spends most of his time in Puerto Rico. He usually carries his camera with him everywhere.
Please Feel free to Click on any of the images below.
Playa Santa, Guanica Puerto Rico

Playa Santa – My Favorite Beach

Puerto Rican Flag

¡Que Bonita Bandera!

La Perla at a Distance

La Perla at a Distance from El Morro

Super Blue Blood Moon Over San Juan, Puerto Rico

Super Blue Blood Moon Over San Juan, Puerto Rico

Condado beach - photos of puerto rico

Waves in Condado During Dusk

Early Morning Spring Photo

Early Spring Morning in Isla Verde Beach

El Convento de Santo Domingo de Porta Coeli in Spanish, is one of the oldest church structures in the western hemisphere.

El Convento de Santo Domingo de Porta Coeli – San German

Cruise Ship Leaving San Juan Bay

Cruise Ship Leaving San Juan Bay In Front of El Morro Fort

Given how busy I have been and how I have began to maximize my day. 

I have been waking up a lot later than usual. 

It had been months since I had not woken up to see the sunrise. 

Today I did and I enjoyed every moment of it. Although the sun decided to hide behind the clouds. 

As I walked back home I looked back and realized that this was a shot I wanted to take. 

Never give up...a

Early Summer Morning in Isla Verde