Carving a Path: My Three Words for 2024

A Personal Reflection

As I sit here, welcoming the dawn of 2024, I'm drawn into a quiet contemplation of the journey ahead. The past years, with their unique blend of challenges and triumphs, have been a testament to resilience – a story written in the language of persistence and adaptability. And here I am, at another annual crossroads, picking my three words for the year.

Why I Pick Three Words Each Year

Every year, I embark on a tradition that's become a cornerstone of my approach to the new year. I choose three words - a practice that, for me, holds more meaning and practicality than the typical New Year's resolutions. Here's why this ritual resonates so deeply with me:

  1. It’s More Than Just a Habit, It’s a Guiding Light: This isn't just a routine; it’s a way to steer my focus throughout the year. These words become my compass, helping me navigate calm and turbulent waters.
  2. Beyond Resolutions - A Personal Connection: I’ve always felt traditional New Year's resolutions were too easily forgotten. My three words, however, are more than goals; they're extensions of my aspirations and values, deeply intertwined with my daily life.
  3. Living the Words in Everyday Life: It’s not just about selecting these words; it's about weaving them into the fabric of my everyday. They're reminders, motivators, and beacons that light the path of my yearly journey, influencing decisions, shaping goals, and reflecting growth.
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The Significance and Practicality of Choosing Three Words for the New Year

As I have explained, I started doing this exercise when my good friend Chris Brogan shared how he prepares for the new year.

This annual ritual of picking three words began for me years ago, sparked by an idea from my good friend Chris Brogan. It's a simple yet profound practice that has deeply influenced how I approach each new year.

Three Words: My Anchors in Life's Ocean

In a world brimming with uncertainties, these three words stand as beacons, guiding me toward my goals, both immediate and distant. They aren't just words; they're tools, crafted to navigate the complexities of daily life, helping to steer me in the right direction.

Power in Simplicity

These words are more than guides; they're catalysts for forming simple yet powerful habits. They encourage me to embrace what enriches my life more and let go of what doesn’t serve me. This practice has become a key part of my journey, helping to illuminate the path ahead with purpose and intention.

As I have shared in previous years, I hope that the three words will help us all do the following:

  • Guide us throughout the new year.
  • Create Simple Habits that Help us do more of what we like and remove what we don't want to do or dislike.


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Embarking on a New Journey: Welcoming 2024 with Open Arms

As the calendar turns a new page, ushering in 2024, I find myself embracing an annual tradition that's become a cornerstone of my year-end reflections. It's time again to select my three guiding words – a practice that has become more than a ritual but a way to set the course for the upcoming year.

These words aren't just placeholders; they are beacons that will illuminate my path through the twists and turns of 2023. In choosing them, I'm not just preparing for a new year; I'm mapping out a intentional and deeply personal journey.



My 3 Words for The New Year 2024

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Shaping My Tomorrow

"Forge" resonates with me as a powerful call to action, a vivid reminder to actively sculpt my future. It's about molding my journey with deliberate intention and purpose, much like a blacksmith meticulously shapes metal. This year, forging ahead for me means taking bold and decisive steps in both my personal and professional life, seeing challenges as opportunities for growth and evolution.

Speaking of blacksmiths, years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Patrick Strahan, a traditional blacksmith from Ireland. His passion for his craft left a lasting impression on me. Over the years, we've kept in touch, and I've always admired how he infuses passion into his work, crafting beautiful items with skill and dedication. One such creation, a set of 9 irons, has become a personal talisman for me, accompanying me everywhere as a symbol of good luck.

Finding the right balance, as exemplified by Patrick's blend of tradition and passion, is not just critical for this year, but the results will benefit me in the years to follow.

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The Art of Thoughtful Reflection

Then there’s "Contemplate." This word is my anchor in a world that often moves too fast. It reminds me to pause, reflect, and think deeply about my actions and their ripple effects. Contemplation is about finding wisdom not in the noise but in the silence of careful thought. It’s about making decisions that are grounded in mindful deliberation, not just reactions to the moment.

Out of the three words, I believe "Contemplate" is the one that requires my utmost focus, especially to find balance in both my personal and business life. Too often, I have responded impulsively, guided by how I would personally handle a situation, only to regret not taking more time to consider my response quickly. A better outcome might have been achieved had I paused and reflected a bit longer. I am also grateful to have a partner in life who gently nudges me back on track whenever she notices me straying too far from embodying 'Contemplate' in my actions.

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Embracing the Moments that Matter

Lastly, there's "Cherish." This word resonates deeply with me, particularly as I witness my daughter's journey into her teenage years. At 13, she's blooming into her unique self, and every moment with her is irreplaceable. Cherishing is about embracing these precious moments, about finding joy in the ordinary and beauty in the everyday. It's about prioritizing those small yet significant instances that form the rich tapestry of our lives.

Reflecting on the challenges we faced in early 2023, I realize there were times when my business took precedence more than it should have. It's crucial for me to pause and appreciate the love and support of family and friends. I recognize the importance of creating space in my life to make lasting memories with them. Every moment spent with loved ones is a moment to be cherished.

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My 3 Words Over The Years

  • 2011

    Renew, Focus, and Complete

  • 2012

    Sharing, Purpose, and Organic

  • 2013

    Brief, Fluid, and Control

  • 2014

    Observe, Release, and Substract

  • 2015

    Selfish, Sharpen, and Publish

  • 2016

    Depth, Reset, and Visualize

  • 2017

    Flow, Pause, and Repeat

  • 2018

    Map, Explore, & Transfer

  • 2019

    Capture, Regenerate, and Accountability

  • 2020

    Simplify, Challenge, and Heighten

  • 2021

    Rise, Batch, and Revitalize

  • 2022

    Higher, Endorse, and Accomodate

  • 2023

    Wander, Compartmentalize, & Expedite

The Path Ahead

2024 stands before me as a canvas awaiting its story. With "Forge," "Contemplate," and "Cherish" as my guides, I embark on this year's journey. They are more than just words; they are beacons that light my way, shaping my actions and coloring my experiences.

To all of you reading this, as you step into your own journeys this year, I invite you to consider what your guiding words might be. May they bring you clarity, strength, and joy as you navigate the year ahead.

Here's to a year of forging new paths, contemplating with intention, and cherishing every precious moment. Let's make 2024 a memorable chapter in our lives.

Happy New Year!

Share Your Three Words

I’d love to hear about your guiding words for 2024. Feel free to share them in the comments or reach out directly. Let’s inspire each other as we embark on this new year.


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Carving a Path: My Three Words for 2024Carving a Path: My Three Words for 2024