Taking a Stance on Social Issues

I believe that personal or large brands who don’t take a stance against injustice will die out and will start to have a weaker bond with their audience the moment they become

Why are some Brands Operating as If it were business as Usual?

I understand why some brands continue in Puerto Rico as if it was business as usual. It’s not only a dated approach; it’s a very dangerous tactic!

We live in 2019.

What is Happening in Puerto Rico – #RickyRenuncia

A quick guide of What is happening in Puerto Rico and the Political Scandals

Time will tell.

It worries me when brands, companies, and people continue thinking about making money when the safety of many is at risk.

Support those brands that stopped thinking of making a dollar & took a stance to protect certain values!

Take a Side

No matter what side they take at least, we know where they stand and how their stance affects us.

I am grateful for all those brands, personal, organizations, and overall entities which are taken a stance and letting others know it’s not a political issue; it’s a public safety issue.

It's Time To Pick a Side

For the other brands, it’s time to pick a side!

We are writing history in our country.

Which side of history will you be on?

Afilando los Cuchillos

Residente y Bad Bunny #RickyRenuncia

PJ Sin Suela


King Arthur PR

500000 por Puerto Rico


Otro pillo flow tu paí...

Fiel a la Vega

Vaya Generación

Tyra Banks at Daily Show

Speaking on taking a Stance and Standing for Your Values

A big Thank you to @malcolmcuadra who picked me up to return to the protests in the afternoon. ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣This young man is someone I learn from every day. One of the smartest individuals I know. One of the kindest human being I’ve ever met. ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣But more importantly someone who is a true Patriot. ⁣
Taking a Stance on Social Issues