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9 Years After my 25th Birthday


Photo taken by Gene Bradford on my 33rd Birthday!

Nine years ago when I turned 25 I remember thinking of goals that I had set for myself which today as I turn 34 make very little sense to me. My life would turn around in as little as those next 3 years.

6 years ago I decided to leave the world of being an employee and becoming self employed. Now I realized that at that moment I resigned to many of my goals.

Challenging, Interesting, and Fun

It has been an interesting 6 years. I have launched many projects. Some which have survived others have been abandoned.

As I turn 34 today I realize I have been able to do many things that I don’t think would have been possible if I would have not left being an employee for larger corporations.

Letting Go

From returning the home I bought at 25 to the bank that truly owned it, my luxury convertible which turned out to be a lemon, and a laundry list of material things I did not need in my life such as a Country Club Membership where I played golf every day.

Somewhere easier to let go others like the foreclosure process of what was my house took a huge toll on me like. These experiences have allowed me to focus more in finding what is my purpose in life.

Photo taken on my 33rd Birthday

Photo taken by Gene Bradford on my 33rd Birthday!

The Return on Letting Go

I earned a lot more by giving up those material things that were tied to my goals at age 25.

Here are a few things that I was able to do:

Memories and Opportunities to Grow

I have been able over the last 6 years to do a list of things that have been fun others very challenging and not fun at all. Most of these experiences good or not have created memories and opportunities to learn and improve myself.

In summary I feel better mentally, physically, and with more control of my life.

I am grateful for those that have been with me throughout my life but most importantly in the past 6 years.

One Big Favor

As I celebrate my 34th birthday today I can only ask you for one thing.

Understand that we are here on earth with a mission. To define that mission might take a lifetime. But take a moment now to realize and think of what you have accomplished and put one thing you want to do in the next week or so on a piece of paper.

Just one goal which you want to accomplish it can be simple it can be complex just make sure you will go after it.

Another and more important Favor

One more thing I love the work Mark Horvath does if you can take a moment make a donation to Mark’s organization, share Mark’s work with a friend, or help someone in need out today it would mean the world to me.

Happy Birthday To Me

Daniela on my 34th Birthday

Photo Taken by Lucy

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Helping those with Reading Difficulty

Change Lives

For the past few months the Limonade team has been working with Donna and Kate from The Reading Network, a new startup which is focused on helping kids with reading difficulties.

This is the first official global client for Limonade thanks to the help of our Strategic Business Partner Chris Brogan ,who referred Donna so we could help her initially with Digital Marketing and the business processes that tie into new digital tools.

Donna has an awesome story and vast experience in education but most importantly she wants to find new ways to help kids with learning differences in the subject of Reading and Dyslexia.

Launch of the Website

Donna launched the new website a few weeks ago and as everyone who has a business website, we are looking to connect The Reading Network with those that need online tutoring for kids or even themselves to improve their reading .

Do you know Anyone that Might Benefit from these Services?

Having difficulties is nothing to be ashamed of and we need to embrace how we learn differently from others.

We would appreciate if you could share with your contacts, on Twitter or Facebook , how The Reading Network can be of help and work One-to-One with your child.


Share this great resource with your friends…


Spread some  love on the twitters…

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If you have anyone specifically you want to send this to,  send a private email about how their services will help.

What projects are you working on?

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