Those Who Made my 2012 Special!

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Yes this is a long post! It would have been longer if I had not forgotten many other special people who also where very important in my life throughout the year. If I did not name you and you are reading this I apologize but thankfully these last few days where so busy I did not have the time I wanted to create an even longer, better written, and detailed post. Last year I did this exercise and it served as a reminder of people I want to keep in touch with. Sometimes we are so busy we forget those who have given us a hand or made our days a lot better than what they where planned to be.

However I will be updating this throughout the day !

They made my 2012 Special

My daughter Daniela (@danielalcolon) – She brings light to my days no matter how dark they might appear on the outside. The fact that now she can talk and walk helps me see what direction she is going. Her dancing, singing, painting, and inclinations towards the arts really make me wonder what the next year has in store for us. Celebrating her two years was a unique experience I can wait to celebrate the ones to come.

Lucy @lucymfel – Out of the 4+ years I have been running a business this one might have been the most challenging. Very grateful to have someone like Lucy who helped me prepare for it and make it seem like it was an awesome year. Her and Daniela make any period of time an awesome one. I am thankful and grateful to have her as a business partner.

Tio Tito (Irving) – My uncle and other dad. I have been blessed to have my dad and always Tio Tito serving in role of parent. I have not been as close as I wanted to be this year but I have seen how he has been there for my family year around.

Grandma Lydia – Very grateful to have my Abuela Lydia in an active role in my life, she is always my conscious when it comes to many matters where I know she is looking out for the well being of myself and my family. Everytime I interact with her I know where the strong part in my character comes from. She can be the sweetest old lady but just don’t do something that makes her uncomfortable un purpose because she will switch her role very quickly.

My Brother Javier (@javierrcolon) – My brother Javier had an awesome 2012 by becoming a homeowner and moving out of an area that I wanted him to move out for the past 10+ years. With a lot of effort and dedication I am sure soon enough he will start out with new projects that will make him grow further in the professional side demonstrating what a great human being he is on the personal side even more. On the other side it is the first year I don’t get to hug my younger brother I can’t wait to see him in 2013.

Dad (The Great Don Tito) & Mom I have not seen dad in more than a year physically but thanks to my brother Javier I get to have some interactions via Facetime over our beloved apple devices. Thankfully mom has visited a few times this year and on the last occasion she did an extraordinary job at helping the family in a very difficult situation. I also got to spend a few days with mom and can’t wait when she comes to visit again. I also can’t wait for Dad to come by.

My Older Brother Luis Jr. (better known as Titito)An awesome dad with a very impressive work ethic. I did not get to spend as much time as I wanted to spend this year with him but I am sure I will make up for it in 2013.

Rick Lipsett (@ricklipsett) – The workhorse of and my inspiration to continue running Papa Heroes and many other projects. My closest business partner (after Lucy), he is one of the people that help me keep faith in all humanity. Rick is a positive being that emits a great sense of peace and tranquility. He is also one of the most disciplined and creative individuals I know. I know 2013 will be great year for me and I am counting on Rick to be part of that journey.

Eudeliz Santiago – The most talented salesperson I know. She is so talented in convincing people that I am sure her new business a clothing boutique Blusas will take off and grow into a chain of stores. I am grateful for the support we have received in this past year on the personal and business side. I was able to restructure my business and tweak my sales process to be more efficient and effective thanks to her feedback.

Hector Santini-Umpierre – One of my few college friends that have stayed very close. Hector is a corporate lawyer who for years has always been ready to help me in the worst of circumstances. When I lost my home in 2010 he helped us deal with the legal issues taking a lot of weight from my back and guiding us towards the next steps. When I have an issue I call him as my advisor and more importantly trusted friend.  I appreciate so much to have someone like Hector always there to clarify many things. In 2013 I see myself working along Hector a few more things and we are in the process of setting up his website.

Liz Glick – Moving to the San Juan Metro area has been a unique experience a change for positive things. It also had opened the door to new friendships of people that in very little time have grown closer to Lucy, Daniela and Myself. On most afternoons I get to have conversations with an experienced business owner who is also one of Daniela’s playing mates. Liz and her beautiful dog Paloma on many days bring that outlet I need to vent or share my daily experiences. I am very thankful for having her listen to my many experiences and even more grateful of how she treats my daughter.

Amaury Valle – My morning running partner Amaury gets me over my psychological barrier of not wanting to run in the morning. Amaury is about my dad’s age but he is very young at heart and does a great job at keeping himself in the best shape possible. I also get the opportunity to talk about the economy, politics and other interesting subjects which Amaury and I share similar thoughts with.

Cirene and Rezat – Two of the sweetest people I have ever met. If someone was ever hyper connected without having to use any new technology is these two beautiful human beings. Owners of Butterfly People a gallery of pure beauty in Old San Juan (If you are going to Old San Juan I highly recommend you stop by and say hi to them). After meeting them it is very usual to bump into people that know them and have very great things to say. Rezat has also become a mentor of my goals of keeping my mind, body, and spirit as a priority and nurturing all of them as much as I can. Cirene has also become a great source of support for Lucy and they so loving with my daughter Daniela. I am sure if Heaven exists your neighbors there will be like Cirene and Rezat.

Gabriel Pagan (@therealgabo) – The great Gabo always there to share his opinion and make me change mind. Not many people are able to do that so smoothly as Gabo does. If something bothers me or I have to keep something in check I discuss with Gabo and I know he will give me his thoughts where I can apply into my life as I wish. I can always count on Gabo for solid advice and I look forward to working with him even more in 2013.

Rob Hatch (@robhatch) – When I first met Rob over a phone call about two years ago I remember thinking he was even a bit intimidating. Over time I quickly realized what a great heart he has. Recently Rob took the challenge of adopting a daughter and expanding his family to having three kids. I admire him for changing the life of a child. I have to say that Rob also has helped me change many things this past year and I appreciate the fact that I have had him guiding me very closely for the first part of 2012.

Chris Brogan – A very well known celebrity online but he is my good friend and strategic business partner. Chris has a million things in his head. Always extremely busy but never misses an opportunity to think about others. Every time Chris feels there is an opportunity for me to think of something he sends it my way. Every time I am feeling a bit down and depressed I send him an email and seconds later I get a response back from him which usually makes me quickly laugh or smile. I am very thankful to have him as mentor. If Chris can take time to help others as he does day by day we can all do the same.

Don Ramon Morales (@guarionex88)  – Every-time I think of Ramon it makes it hard for me to believe he has not been in my life for decades. The impact Ramon has had in my life has been huge. He is one the most loving and grateful people I know. His optimism is something I try to get some more for myself because he is always working hard to make things happen. 2013 will be a year for great things for him and I will be watching and waiting to celebrate. I am grateful to call Ramon my friend and I am looking forward to having Daniela meet her uncle this year.

Milta Feliciano – For visiting at the beginning of the year and helping us kick start the year having lots of fun while Daniela got to meet her aunt.  Over the years I have seen how Milta has learned how to focus on what for me are the important things in life. I want to applaud her for always moving forward and being an awesome mom to 4 kids.

Margie Clayman (@margieclayman) – I am a big fan of Margie she is always thinking of others. I also admire the consistency of how she produces great quality content on her blog. I will make it a New Year’s Resolution to stop by her blog more often. So thankful to have her always sharing great stuff and even more grateful of her awesome sense of humor. I also look forward finally giving good ole Margie a big hug in person in 2013.

Michael Castro (@michaeldcc) – Thanks to Michael I don’t feel alone when I write about things that the masses will not agree. He has always been a supporter of what I do and I am even a bigger fan of what he does. Michael creates conversations and discussions on topics that most people rather not talk about. But most importantly whenever I have needed help from Michael he has been there to offer his help and I love him for that.

Andres Vazquez – I met Andres many years ago and I had always seen how his personality stood out from the others in his industry. The past few months I have seen what a good heart Andres has and the balance he has in between running a profitable business and helping the communities around him. If more small business owners took his approach we would have a healthier business enviroment here in Puerto Rico.

Osvaldo and Jennifer – We met Osvaldo and Jennifer from Tropical Bloom a few years ago sharing our experiences on how to use online platforms. Gratefully they have become great friends. This year one of my highlights was visiting their beautiful farm up in the mountains of Añasco, Puerto Rico and having such a great time. I can’t wait till I do that again. As always they are willing to help even though they are extremely busy. I want to see more of Osvaldo and Jennifer in the near future.

Damaris Gonzalez – I met Damaris through my best friend from High School Ferdinand Almodovar and going to school with her sweet sister Daisy. Over the years she has become closer to my family and me. Although we don’t live as close I always enjoy when I get to spend time with her and her family.

Carlos Juan and Maria Del Carmen – This two angels falling from heaven throughout the past years have always been close to use when we have needed them. From Daniela’s birth to moments where we really needed the help they have been available. I did not see enough of them in 2012 and I am willing to change that in 2013.

Michael and Danny Luperella – These two young men are Lucy’s nephews and I really love the fact that they where able to meet their cousin Daniela. Our daughter is named Daniela thanks to Danny’s suggestion. I hope I see more of them in 2013.

Melvin Rodriguez – My good friend and now neighbor. My blood family is not close to us so Melvin has filled in the gap as one of Daniela’s close uncles. Living close to him has been a great convenience and if you want to have a good laugh and good time in the metro area just tag along with him. Melvin is also an awesome salesperson but even better people person. I always listen to his experiences and learn a bit more on how to approach many things in my life based on his experiences.

Quique Gonzalez – Someone who has been my side in spirit for many years. He helped me get my first job after college and has always been there to give me solid advice on how to approach many of life’s hurdles. I plan to visit and see him this year I would love for my daughter to meet one of my spiritual fathers.

Miriam Gonzalez – Her advice in many aspects of my life has always been very useful. Being that she is Daniela’s Godmother I am planning to visit her in 2013. There is nothing better than spending time with those you love.

Guillermo Trillo – Business and personal can mix very well when you get to work with individuals like Guillermo. He is always thinking of meeting business goals but makes it a priority to make those around him happy. This year I did not do as many projects as I wish I could with him but we have many more solid years to get enough projects to work together with him.

Bianca Estrada (@PayasaAgapita) – Another online friend who become a close real friend. My daughter loves watching youtube videos of her character Payasa Agapita. I also appreciate the help she has given me on the business side. Just sharing thoughts with her on many local business issues helps me make better decisions. Bianca is someone I can call on when it comes to solving any of my problems. I am also thankful she and her husband Fernando are Calle 13 fans like I am.

Kelvin Lomboy (@kelvinlomboy) – One of the top IT security experts in this side of the hemisphere (only because I don’t know any on other side). Kelvin does his job and is always looking for a challenge when he is doing his job. I admire the passion he has in what he does and I can’t wait to see him get as far as I know he can get.

Robbie Vorhaus (@vorhaus) – Watching his status updates either on Facebook or Twitter helps me focus on what is important day by day. Robbie is currently working on launching his book that might be an idea for you to keep an eye on. His One Less One More™ approach has helped me tackle many personal and business obstacles.

Diane Brogan – Mom of one of my favorite people. This year Diane always stopped by the blog periodically and commented. I also had the privilege a few times a week to read her blog posts where I got to lean more about her and her awesome husband Steve. One of my 2013 goals is giving Diane and Steve a big hug in person.

Armando Navarro – A very disciplined human being when it comes to work and many aspects he is also one of the people I make the most requests in the month. Thanks to Armando I have been able to accomplish a few things. I am his customer over at Doral Bank (Armando is the only reason I continue to do banking with them) but I consider Armando an awesome and great friend.

Tamar Morales – La Jibarita de Utuado who currently lives in Bridgeport, Ct. We are very happy to have her as a friend. I can’t wait till she moves back to Puerto Rico so we could spend more time with her.

Evelyn Yvette – One of my most hard working cousins. With four kids she always finds the way to hold multiple jobs and make her family a priority. She inpires me and is an example for those that struggle with finding a balance and keeping family a priority.

Mark Hayward (@mark_hayward) – The most talented connector I have met to date. Mark has a unique way of connecting people with the only purpose of being helpful. Mark invited me to work on bringing the 140conf to Puerto Rico and thanks to him I was able to get to meet some awesome people who influenced me in many ways during 2012.

Javier (@toxiclunch) – I missed hugging my tough and badass friend Javier this year but that is what 2013 is for. I hope I either get to go to Los Angeles again or he comes to Puerto Rico to visit so we can spend some quality time together.

Berni Xiong (@bernixiong) – Always reaching out and sending good vibes. She is full of energy and might be able to share some. One of the few others I want to meet in person in 2013.

Sean (@LTLV613)  – Every once in a while I get to chat with Sean. One of the first people I chatted with via twitter. If you want to stay up to date in everything that is happening in the U.S. let me know.

Pablo Montero – My biggest congratulations to him since he recently got engaged.  If many more flight attendants would have Pablo’s attitude flying would be a pleasant experience everytime you got on a plane.

Melissa Delgado – Very grateful for supporting our efforts and local bloggers like myself. I was able to make it to SXSW 2011 thanks to her and her awesome colleague and boss Julian Cable.

Obed Roldan – He always keeps me motivated. On most interactions he is communicating how he appreciates what I do sharing my experiences. But I also tend to communicate how much I appreciate the many thins I have learned from him.

Kaila Smith – One of the super moms that I admire. I stay up to date on what she does by reading her Facebook updates. Just by how she expresses herself I am grateful that I was lucky enough to have met her in grammar school back in the 80’s. I can’t wait till her daughter starts publishing her writings as she enjoys writing and I perceive she will be a very talented one.

Keiko and Scott – I met Keiko when I worked at KPMG in New York and weeks later I met her awesome husband. They are expecting a baby boy in the next month or two and I can’t wait to meet him. One of the highlights of our year was their visit this year. Daniela and we all miss their presence very much.

Joseph Harrell – I met Joseph waiting on my flight back from SXSW 2011. A marine with a great attitude and a big heart we got to spend time with Joseph as he visited the island on an acting job which they filmed in the southern part of Puerto Rico.

Aaron Manley Smith – A one hour conversation in March during SXSW gave me a few guidelines on serious things I needed to fix with my attitude towards many things. I appreciate that Aaron took the time to meet up with me on my last visit to Austin. I realized what an awesome dad he is and how with simple knowledge he can convince someone like me to change many things in my daily life.

Steve Garfield – I hardly create video but when I do I follow Steve Garfield’s guidelines. I had the opportunity to chat with Steve at the Samsung Blogger’s lounge during SXSW. I really got to see in person Steve’s great attitude towards life and how he spreads happiness to those around him.

Betzaida Burgos – I met Betzaida when I was in college. She has always been one of the  sweetest individuals I ever met. Years later as parents we interact periodically on parenting tips and our experiences as parents via facebook on occasions.

C.C. Chapman –  I had met C.C. in the past but this year I was able to get closer to him by reading his bog and getting to chat with him in person during march. I also exchange an occasionally email or so regarding parenting and experiences that he and I enjoy sharing. If you are looking to read a book to start out the new year in a positive way check out Amazing Things Will Happen.

James Fierce – I met James via Google+ he truly went out of his way  to meet up and be as helpful as possible during my week at SXSW 2012 this year.  I have continued to communicate with James although we have different views on shoe styles.

Nando Caban –  I met Nando via Google + also and had the privilege to meet another Puerto Rican with so many common interests. I exchange emails with Nando at least once a week and can’t wait to get to work together on a project with him or to the least to sit down and have coffee with him.

Many Blessing for 2013! Start making the best of it now!  




  1. Marjorie Clayman on December 31, 2012 at 9:46 am

    Golly Raúl! I’m so honored to be included in this company! Thank you thank you!!! 🙂

    • Raul Colon on December 31, 2012 at 2:58 pm

      @MargieClayman:disqus I am so honored to be usually featured in your kick ass blog. Love ya Marjorini!

  2. Kaila Smith on December 31, 2012 at 10:11 am

    Raul, gracias. I wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous coming year! May your work and talent continue to be a tool of inspiration to you, your readers and those around you. I know I look forward to it myself!

    • Raul Colon on December 31, 2012 at 2:58 pm

      @fcfcc19815de1b84daa47007d0c543af:disqus such sweet words. Thanks for being a friend and being one of the mom’s I recommend other moms to follow as a role model. Gracias y Felicidades hermanita!

  3. Robbie Vorhaus on December 31, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    Dear Raul, I am so grateful and honored being a part of this impressive list. You continue giving so much to so many, and I trust 2013 will be filled for you and your family w/ an abundance of love and light.

    • Raul Colon on December 31, 2012 at 3:00 pm

      Your friendship and coaching has brought me abundance when I get into the right state of mind. Thanks for being there and making each challenge an easier one to tackle!