2 Divided by 365

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A day like today makes me reflect on how In May 2010 I was surprised by many emotions. For years I had a constant battle with not understanding if I was fit or not to become a Dad.

Curious enough the universe aligned and one afternoon in May 2010, I was surprised by reading test results that my other half Lucy was pregnant with my child who I quickly fell in love with.

Those first few days of hearing the news where full of many emotions. I was scared, happy, nervous, but I was lucky enough to have an external force helping me understand that everything was going to be ok.

At the time I was close to celebrating my two year mark of being my own boss, which helped sustain Lucy and I. Things did not work out how I wanted, but looking back I can clearly see Lucy and I where missing inspiration; our daughter Daniela quickly became our that spark.

I guess the business needed something to help me focus on being leaner. No longer could I attempt projects without committing myself completely. No longer could I focus on helping others without first helping myself.

My Inspiration

Two years ago on this same date I had the unique experience to see my daughter for the first time. It was a surreal experience. I remember the moment as if it where seconds ago. I remember the first picture I took and  the many I would take later on.

Within an instant, I  looked into her eyes and I felt a connection with something that was created by a part of me in a unique and loving way.

From that moment on I realized my energy needed to be shifted into putting all the needed resources in this beautiful being who is now my two year old daughter.

There are many milestones along the way. She has grown so quickly and I have been privileged to be next to her most of the time.

Some people might not understand why I have shifted my style of work to focus on spending time with my daughter but I realize my time with her is limited.

–       I cherish and I am grateful for every moment.

–       As I see the small little girl that one-day will become a strong independent woman.

–       As I hear her celebrate and repeat that she turned two years old, I realize soon enough those numbers will  add up quickly and I need to make the most of my time with her.

–       As I write this I will sit down and analyze what goals are tied to my daughter in the next year.

–       I want to make sure I get to laugh more than 365 times.

–       I want to make sure I get to hug her more than 365 times.

–       I want to make sure I get to kiss her more than 365 times.

–       I want to make sure I do many things 365 times before she is three.

–       So maybe one day she can laugh, hug, kiss and love her loved ones every year more than 365 times.

Daniela Happy Birthday from your Dad who loves you dearly.

PS: Maybe one day she will find this on the Internet and read it to my grandsons and granddaughters. Thanks Lucy for doing such an awesome job and being an awesome partner in this challenging but rewarding journey.

PPS: I hardly edited this post and published it as I wrote it so Please bear with the typos.