Those Who Made my 2012 Special!

Thanks You! Raúl

Yes this is a long post! It would have been longer if I had not forgotten many other special people who also where very important in my life throughout the year. If I did not name you and you are reading this I apologize but thankfully these last few days where so busy I did…

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Thank You Note!

There are two key things that are embedded in my nature being thankful when someone does the smallest thing for me.  The second one is being very transparent with my thoughts and sharing my opinion with everyone in a healthy way. Although some might think my transparency can hinder my business goals I try to…

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Thank You & A Good First Impression Might Help You Engage

Having the opportunity to break geographical barriers via my blog and twitter I am always in constant contact with people that are interested in traveling to Puerto Rico. In my efforts to help tourism on the Island I have been very outspoken on the things many of us can do to help the Tourism Industry…

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