Happy Birthday Super Mom!

Happy Birthday Super Mom

I sometimes write about those who are part of my support systems and I appreciate having them as friends and supporters. But I sometimes don’t put the spotlight enough on someone who for me is the major support system in my life. 9 Birthday’s Together This is the 9th birthday I celebrate with my life…

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No Exact Words can Express It!

Javier and Raúl Colón

I can write all day about how I feel about equality is of importance. How I think every human deserves the same rights and opportunities. More importantly how some should appreciate the fact that they were handed those opportunities and make the best of them. Sometimes I become selfish and I realize that I want…

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Shifting Priorities

Photo taken by Lucilla Feliciano

Since I have been living near the beach for a year, I have been writing and publishing less content. Everyday I feel horrible when I don’t write or go for my 6 mile runs. I like to write but with the many projects in progress that I want to finish which (this is tied to…

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Perfect Moments

Isla Verde Sunrise

In 2006 I read Chasing Daylight:How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life (affiliate link) a book by Eugene O’Kelley who I met while I worked for KPMG when he was a CEO before he passed away. Different to any other book this one clearly changed my purpose and focus of life. The most resonant lesson to 26-year-old…

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Those Who Made my 2012 Special!

Thanks You! Raúl

Yes this is a long post! It would have been longer if I had not forgotten many other special people who also where very important in my life throughout the year. If I did not name you and you are reading this I apologize but thankfully these last few days where so busy I did…

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