My 3 words for 2013

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Many people go crazy by creating resolutions and of goals that they probably don’t believe they are going to reach during the first few weeks or days of the new year.

While I was doing my last workout of 2012 yesterday with our neighbor’s husband who is German and lives in Romania part of the year explained how many wanted a new experiences but welcomed the new year with old bad habits. At the moment that particular moment there where people eating and drinking uncontrollably, most of them drunk already, and it was only 4 pm.

He explained that their behavior identified the new years resolutions of having a bigger gut and degrading their health.

Welcoming the New Year with a 6 mile run!

His thoughts made me think of how as a person that is constantly looking to evolve into healthier habits maybe I had to start the year in a new way. I quickly shifted my mind into just waiting for the New Year to make noise and hug people that are near me to lying down next to my daughter (who was sleeping) getting rest to make sure I could get up and run at least 6 miles in the morning.

The 3 Words Concept

For me the past 3 years I start the New Year by choosing 3 words that will guide me throughout the year.

My friend and colleague Chris Brogan introduced me to this exercise. For the past few years Chris publishes a blog post sharing what his three words of the year will be. If you want more detail on how he uses and explains the concept (feel free to stop over his 3 words for 2013 and read through the post).

How I use the Three Word Concept

I use the three-word concept as a guide to focus on certain areas I need to improve on. In previous years I put some post in notes in front of my desk with the 3 words as a reminder. This year I am planning to take the first pictures I take this year add my 3 words and print them out to place in strategic places as reminders. I will create a follow up post on things I plan to do to remind myself of the 3 words that will guide me throughout 2013.

My 3 Words Over the Years

2011 – Renew, Focus, and Complete

2012 – Sharing, Purpose, and Organic

My 3 words for 2013



I have a tendency to start resisting once something discomforts me. I have been very lucky to have people around me like Melvin, Chris B., Resat, Robbie Vorhaus, and Lucy helping me focus and not resist things that drain energy from me.

I believe that by being more fluid in many personal decisions I can also cover many of the gaps I see need to be filled in my business by using my resources to strengthen them.

I want to have the ability to flow around obstacles and take the form needed to solve most of my personal and business challenges.


Taking control of my emotions ties well with being fluid. Even though I have gotten better at it I tend to allow others to take control of my emotions more often than I should. As C.C. Chapman explains in his book Amazing Things Will Happen you have to be like a duck and continue to move under adversity.

I will also work on controlling when to stop to enjoy moments that will not return. As I was completing the draft of this post on New Year’s Day my daughter approached me with a few requests. I dropped everything and took care of her made her giggle and smile. I knew that you could wait longer to read this post but my daughter needed my love and attention at that moment (and that just could not wait, I hope you understand).

Too many times I see myself and others attacking secondary priorities (ex. Work) and not taking care of their key priorities (ex. Family). Time moves on and people get caught up in mortgages, bills, and other things that take away and drain a family’s resources. Make sure you control how you use your resources so you can be lean and always make those loved ones in your life a priority. We are only here on this earth for a short period of time.

I will also look into controlling some aspects when it comes to business decisions finding a balance in between logic and my gut feeling.


In 2012 I wrote less than previous years. I also worked harder to make sure I was listening to others. I like to share stories and experiences but sometimes I take away from being able to absorb the experiences from those around me.

If someone reminded me in 2012 that brevity is highly important was Mr. Chris Brogan. In 2013 I am deeply committing towards being more concise and precise in everything I do.

Which in once sentences means talking less and listening more.

What are your Three Words?

I followed Chris Brogan’s lead for the past 3 years and I have gotten lots of value throughout the year by being able to use these 3 words I choose as a guide to making better overall decisions.

I would love to hear what your 3 words are?

Feel free to share your 3 words in the comments are or a link of where you described them.

Have an awesome 2013 I am sure I will make the best of mine!

Isla Verde New Year's Day 2013

Isla Verde New Year’s Day 2013 with my 3 words for the year.

This pic was taken at Isla Verde Beach here in Puerto Rico after my 6 mile run  New Year’s morning with my running partner Leonardo!




  1. Prometeo on January 2, 2013 at 10:55 am

    I’m working on my 3 words but one of them is gonna be shape. I gotta get in shape again.

    Thanks for sharing your words Raul. Happy New Year.

    Adelante y éxito.

    • Raul Colon on January 2, 2013 at 11:48 am

      Can’t wait to see those 3 words! Un abrazo