The #LoTieneChiquito Campaign

Lo Tiene Chiquito Angiemille

Getting ready for the New Year in Puerto Rico means lots of celebrations in backyards or  outdoor venues; we are in the tropics and don’t need to stay in to celebrate. But many of us decide to be cautious about open air parties for one important reason. On our densely populated island, everyone lives close…

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My 3 words for 2013

Isla Verde New Year's Day 2013

Many people go crazy by creating resolutions and of goals that they probably don’t believe they are going to reach during the first few weeks or days of the new year. While I was doing my last workout of 2012 yesterday with our neighbor’s husband who is German and lives in Romania part of the…

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2011 A Unique Year & My A List of Those Who Made It Special

  If I have mix feelings about 2011 but when I look back it was a year filled with lessons, obstacles, and blessings. I have been reading all morning how many people had a rough 2011. For me this is difficult to say since I became a Dad and enjoyed most of it thanks to…

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Happy New Year #SXSW #Film

While I was waiting for my flight from Austin to Orlando, I had the opportunity to meet a few people at the Gate while we waited for our flight. I met a gentleman by the name of Joseph Harrell  and identified him as a serviceman. Besides the way he appeared and the shirt he had…

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