My 3 words for 2016

Foam... Get A Print or Copy → #PuertoRico #IslaVerde I went down to the beach to chase what seemed to be some sort of heron. At first glance I could not find him so then I decided to take a few pictures of the foam of the waves at an angle.

Choosing my three words for this year was a bit easier than in the past. The past six years I have been choosing three words to guide me through the year. I place reminders of these words. By working with just three words, I have been able to change habits permanently. I look back at the…

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My 3 words for 2015

3 Words for 2015

I can celebrate 5 years of choosing three words to guide me through the year. I can say every year it becomes a lot easier for me to follow through with these words. Over time I have been more satisfied with the results of the three words. But I am especially proud of how I…

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My Three Words for 2014

Airplane in the Clouds over the Caribbean

For the past 4 years I have prepared for the new year by choosing 3 words. So, Instead of creating a complex and non-functional list of resolutions which we all forget after the second week of January, I keep these 3 words and include them in my short and long term goals. The 3 Words…

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My 3 words for 2013

Isla Verde New Year's Day 2013

Many people go crazy by creating resolutions and of goals that they probably don’t believe they are going to reach during the first few weeks or days of the new year. While I was doing my last workout of 2012 yesterday with our neighbor’s husband who is German and lives in Romania part of the…

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Ready for 2012… With my Three words for the New Year

Last year I followed my good friend Chris Brogan’s advice and instead of creating a list of New Year’s resolutions I went ahead and choose three words to guide me during the year 2011. I am amazed once again on how quickly time went by this year. A few days ago I read Chris Brogan’s…

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