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I use to read the Huffington post and even enjoyed many of the articles. But lately after seeing how they tend to allow many writers who live in a reality distortion field publish anything I have gradually lost my interest in reading the Huffington Post.

Just today I read a post shared by my friend @ricklipsett on a person claiming to be connected to the Island. Someone who for periods of time forgets where the Island since Monica Gutierrez  claimed she had not visited in 3 years.

I was Disgusted by her Racist remarks

“For example, black people often define themselves as whites. At the same time whites from there are often defined as colored people in the US and abroad (racism is that absurd!).by @trix3l”

Who cares what color you identify yourself with? Monica Gutierrez forgot the importance of one Race that is the Human Race. I think her racist comments show how distanced Monica Gutierrez is from the Island. Just visiting the cobble streets of Old San Juan every once in a while will not give her enough evidence to support this and many of the other claims. Out of the complete article what mostly bothered me was the comments on race when sadly race issues exist in every corner of our planet. I am not sure how Monica Gutierrez  is helping the cause with these remarks.

Yes We Need to Work with Consumerism

Yes I do agree we have to work with our consumerism because it is at ridiculous levels. The problem is that Monica Gutierrez  speaks off everyone on the island as if everyone felt the same way. I can assure Monica that we all understand the importance of Agriculture the bigger issues is the bigger interests on the Island want to keep us from buying produce from the locals like the Local Organic markets or great projects like the Departamento de la Comida. I clearly think Monica needs to do her research towards all the movements that are happening now to fix the issue.

The Poor think they are Rich

“Poor people often act like they are rich. And the upper class shows off a very rare brand of pride that stems from not owning their country, like it is some kind of great idea. by @trix3l”

Is there a problem with poor people acting like they are rich? Doest that mean that we need to act and feel sorry for ourselves because the Island’s economic situation is not at its best. Monica Gutierrez  also mentions the upper class I would have more respect for Monica Gutierrez if she actually mentioned names and gave examples of those individuals but in the lack of that I have to say she is generalizing.

Puerto Rican’s are Uneducated?

“Educated people are often very ignorant of their own culture and history. by @trix3l”

I definitely confirm that this person is clearly living in her own distortion field when I got to this line I ask myself if she is trying to call attention to herself by making the stuff that she writes up. I invite her to spend some more time with the great minds and individuals that are hungry for new opportunities and have been preparing themselves for those opportunities for quite a while.

What Does an Open Mind Mean to Her

“Through the years I have come to terms with the surrealism of the place and I have learned to take it as it comes, with an open mind, as a never-ending intellectual challenge. by @trix3l”

In trying to keep an open mind to this person’s observation I clearly see how she has boxed most of the population as if Puerto Ricans lack diversity. Our backgrounds and attitudes are very diverse. If you were open minded and a real journalist you would open the conversations towards both sides. I clearly saw a negative connotation towards the complete article.

A Bright and Long Holiday Season

“But to my surprise the place was literally dark, not to say they were not partying and celebrating, but something was strangely odd. by @trix3l”

No matter what situations are surpassing the island Puerto Ricans tend to celebrate Christmas and extend it as much as possible therefore having negative and positive consequences like any other action. Just because she drove by a few streets that does not mean it is a representation of the complete island. Believe me I went to bed late on many days this past holiday season given all the partying that was going around my neighborhood.

Puerto Ricans Battle Against Adversity

Not sure what welfare cases she is talking about but most Puerto Ricans work to sustain their family at salaries and wages many others would not even dare to work for. Puerto Ricans have ended up going into survival mode with the current crisis but that does not mean that most people are living off welfare. It is not an easy task to get sufficient help from the government, as it might be state side.

I do agree on a few Things

I agree that we need to work on many of the problems, I have written about many of these issues and we are well aware on them on the island. I do agree that being a colony of the U.S. also makes many of the real issues she covered even worst. Our current administration is to busy taking care of their friends. But in the mean time there are many of us trying to bring the hope of those who can turn the situation around for the rest of the Island.

Where are the Solutions?

When I write about these issues is also including solutions to the problems I identified. I see this bad example of suppose journalism as someone simply complaining about things she clearly does not seem to care about.

If her purpose was bringing awareness then she needs to do a better job at offering possible solutions to the problems she stated. It is very easy to say something is wrong and not working but those I respect even when I don’t agree with are the ones that identify the problems and bring possible and practical solutions to the table.

On a closing Note I am writing this from the Suppose Island that does not exist. I am white, black, European, African, Aboriginal, and only the superior being know what else I might be but I will not tolerate when people who clearly don’t understand what is happening in the Island write about it as if they where subject matter experts.

If you are going to make such reckless remarks please show also the great things my Island has to offer. 

My Island is Hungry for change and we need to fill people with the tools and resources to make it happen. Simply writing about it after your holiday trip will do very little for everyone.

Many of us like me are up to the Challenge and have the courage and energy to fight these issues so in the future we will eventually have a better island. Imagine if New York would have given up when the city was filled with Crime.

I have faith in my Island and I have to courage to face adversity and turn this thing around.

Are you up to the challenge?



  1. Rick Lipsett on January 27, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    Okay, let me start off, by saying I admire the way @trix3L:twitter writes. Even though offended, I enjoyed her style and her way of telling a story. What can I say, my artistic side is always present.Besides that, I found a lot of what she said to be true. As I told you yesterday on Twitter, what dissapointed me about the article was her strict focus on the negative aspects of our “Isla del Encanto”. She lacked a positive horizon. Something that would tell the casual reader, “Hey, not everything’s lost! I found this and this organization that’s making a difference…”

    What worries me the most:
    • Is this the picture Tourist take home with them when they visit us?
    • Is this the only thing casual readers will learn about us? Will they investigate a little in search of a beacon of hope? Will they jump to the next article with a defeated vision of what we are?

    I fear the answers to these questions.

    It is irresponsible to write bad things about a place you visit. Without looking for something good to say, you’re just showing one side of the coin (this saying sounds better in spanish). As my Mom would say: “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all” Her views are limited to the PR relations she had with the taxi driver and her general impression, maybe, from our newspaper’s front pages. But, will casual readers remember that she was here for a mere few days only? I fear not.

  2. Prometeo on January 28, 2012 at 7:13 am

    There are some thins she wrote that are off the mark such as those referring to race and color. But I have to agree with her on others. Truth hurts, but sometimes one needs to get a slap on the back of the head to react. Our island is dormant and thinking only about how we are today without thinking the consequences. 

    Like you I also keep my faith that this will get fixed sometime but faith is really hard. Keeping my faith on this island is what has kept me here.Maybe she didn’t offer solutions but she certainly started a conversation and that’s a good start.