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I make a living helping small businesses find practical solutions to complex problems from a business and technology perspective. I create relationships with our customers by being a central repository of answers. I approach this in the following ways:

I run Limonade Inc. in which we help our clients find solutions in the following areas:

  • Digital Marketing – We will work together to improve your email marketing, blogging, and online communications, social media presence, web and landing pages, business processes, SEO, and more.
  • Web Design and Development –  Our resources and team provide a healthy blend and balance in building the web solution that fits your needs.
    • We design with usability in Mind. Visitors should never be left wondering what to do next.
    • High conversion rates require a clearly defined and intuitive funnel that leads visitors from where they are to where you want them to go.
    • We optimize for minimal clicks and aim for a one click solution.
    • Integrate design to web copy.
    • Looks pretty and delivers results.
  • Online Business Strategy – Our experienced business strategists have worked with people such as Chris Brogan, S&P100 clients, and Big 4 Consulting Firms in creating the right strategy for your online project’s success.
  • Professional Development and Executive Mentoring – By offering a variety of courses that are aligned with your emerging and existing long term needs, we have been able to guide individuals, teams, and companies towards achieving better results not only in digital marketing but in being able to establish and align their efforts to their goals.

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As Raúl Colón:

I enjoy speaking about the challenges in running a small business, creating resonant web copy, and how digital marketing can help you with your goals.

From speaking at events to presenting to your private business meeting, my efforts are in helping organizations understand and find better ways to work with new emerging technologies,  new tools, and finding a practical way to gain real value from their use.

I offer several advertising and sponsorship programs including:

  • targeted banner ad campaigns through our blog network (,, and a few others)
  • whole site and newsletter sponsorships
  • product sampling and reviews

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