Does Puerto Rico pay taxes?


How much does Puerto Rico Pay in Taxes to the United States? There are two questions that people ask when the topic of Puerto Rico comes up. One is Puerto Rico is part of the United States and the second question if Puerto Rico pays taxes. A few years ago I shared an infographic on how money…

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University of Puerto Rico Strike Events The Press Does Not Cover

University of Puerto Rico's Main Tower

As many of you know and I wrote in my previous post that the University of Puerto Rico is on Strike. The University of Puerto Rico Strike enters its second Week The Rio Piedras campus begins its second week of a strike protesting the significant cuts which would make the University lose its Accreditation. The story…

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Video: Congressman Luis Gutierrez Opposes the PROMESA Bill

Garita overlooking Land Side of el Morro Fort

One of my last posts I wrote about why Vulture Hedge Funds are Destroying the Puerto Rico economy. I also promised a follow up post on the Junta de Control Fiscal. It is also known as the Promesa Bill. I want to spotlight how the PROMESA BILL would benefit Wall Street and hurt Puerto Rico’s economy even…

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Why are Vulture Hedge Funds Destroying Puerto Rico’s Economy?

The Green Invader Over the 500+ years El Morro Fort has had att

This past weekend I visited Old San Juan and one of the places I visited was El Morro Fort. Since the Spaniards came over, this place has been a target for exploitation. Curious enough I bumped into an invading species, the Iguana. Humans brought Iguanas from Central America as pets. Since then they have been…

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How I captured the Attention of 10k+ people in a day

Water Bird Eating

I have been sharing my thoughts and experiences online since I set up my first website in 1998 on; a version full of ads is still available on the free hosting service. It took me some time to set up my personal blog (this one) as a project. After running multiple blogs which were geared…

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