Does Puerto Rico pay taxes?


How much does Puerto Rico Pay in Taxes to the United States? There are two questions that people ask when the topic of Puerto Rico comes up. One is Puerto Rico is part of the United States and the second question if Puerto Rico pays taxes. A few years ago I shared an infographic on how money…

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Thanking Governor Luis Fortuño

Screen Shot 2012-11-24 at 12.47.14 PM

Governor Luis Fortuño who only has a few weeks in office did a lot of harm to many families in the last 4 years while moving the economy to benefit his few friends. . He has been very careful with addressing those who he impacted without a job and has never showed a human side to…

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Actions are Stronger than Words Fortuño!

Puerorican Delegueichon

But the reality is politics affect everyone. I am not a fan of politics as I am true believer that 99% of politicians are influenced and controlled by the 1%.  I also stay away from major media outlets and only go into their websites to search for a particular story. Like many other folks, I…

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Moving & the “Santa Isabel Molinos” Experiment

Finca Privada

We made the decision to move about a month ago . We are primarily moving because of the Risks the Santa Isabel Windmill Farm will bring upon the environment and residents; the project will be finished next month near our current living space. Once we kept on reading about the health risks and symptoms these windmills…

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Money Flow Puerto Rico & United States?

Income Flow Puerto Rico To United States

There is always a big question that many people ask themselves. How much is sent in Federal Funds to Puerto Rico every year? Answering that question in just a specific dollar amount without understanding completely what all of that would be irresponsible. Even worst when people continue to repeat that federal aid to Puerto Rico…

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