Happy Self Determination Day USA!

Tumba de Pedro Albizu Campos


Thinking of the Great Opportunities We are Missing Out On.

I woke up today thinking of when my Island will be able to celebrate Independence Day. While looking at twitter before emails and brushing my teeth as always, I bumped into one of the best tweets I have ever read by my friend and fellow technology colleague @therealgabo.

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Most pro-statehood folks have always considered all Pro-Independence efforts to be Anti-American or extremist. I always find this argument very vague. Just as in the end of the 1700’s the 13 Colonies fought for their independence I think it is our right to be able to express our feelings and desire to have our country returned to us and be an Independent Nation.

Many would not agree with me that Independence is one of our best options, but it does not take long to move around the Island and see the potential that most people have in business and various professions to bring this Island out of the economic hole it has been.

We are restricted in many ways to move forward and we do receive a few benefits (breadcrumbs they hand out to keep the masses happy).

I believe in the potential of everyone living in Puerto Rico and have great faith that if we would have the opportunity to lead our own nation we would be in a better place than we are right now.

So as my Good Friend @therealgabo said I congratulate the USA in their Self Determination Day and strongly suggest creating awareness so that day where we will have the same reason to celebrate can reach us sooner.

In the words of the Great Pedro Albizu Campos may he rest in Peace:

“Los jóvenes tienen el deber de defender su Patria con las armas del Conocimiento.”
I leave you with one of my favorite speeches Pedro Albizu Campos.