Igniting a Revolution

The other day when Joaquin Kierce initiated his Pecha Kucha he confirmed he was starting a movement. Joaquin reminded me on the importance of focusing on those who are seeking positive change. QUICK NOTE: Different to other years where I have complained on a Holiday that is contradictory to Puerto Rico Residents and made 1…

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Colonial Sickness Causes Delusions on Celebrating Independence

Culebra Island Tanks

Colonial Sickness Causes Delusions on Celebrating Independence The Importance of Puerto Rico’s Decolonization I was planning this post for the 4th of July but since we have no reason to recognize it as a Holiday on the Island I decided to move it up to today. Last year I wrote “Happy Self Determination Day USA!”…

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Happy Self Determination Day USA!

  Thinking of the Great Opportunities We are Missing Out On. I woke up today thinking of when my Island will be able to celebrate Independence Day. While looking at twitter before emails and brushing my teeth as always, I bumped into one of the best tweets I have ever read by my friend and…

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