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I have met many interesting people via Twitter and have had great experiences collaborating and spending time with some of the people. I have also had the opportunity to recognize and find the great things that people are doing locally in Puerto Rico even on the small island of Culebra.
Once I got my #AYCJ pass from @jetblue (Happy Jetting!) found out by @Lucymfel (which found out via twitter) that our twitter friend @mark_hayward had also bought one.

I have written back and forth on various occasions with @mark_hayward via twitter and have not had the opportunity or privilege to meet him in person but I have always been very impressed on how he manages the online presence of the Palmetto Guesthouse which he owns.
Almost a year ago I was approached by a Small hotel owner to help them improve their brand using Social Media. I went ahead and did a free assessment on how her website compared to others and to start we (CIMA IT Solutions Corp.) really needed to change her website. She was not too happy to hear my recommendations since she had thrown away money for a very simple and horrible website.
In trying to convince her of what a bad job they had done on her website I used the best example I could find Locally on how a Blog or Website of a Guest house or Small hotel should be structured
She was so focused on how much it was going to cost her instead on how much Return on Investment it was going to bring once the changes where mad that I decided to go my way and the possible customer went theirs.
Why did I use the Palmetto Guesthouse Website as an Example? For the following reasons:
  • The main reason is because most people who want to stay in a hotel want that feeling of the owners really being part of the property. I think the simple design really projects the message.
  • Their main page has most of the information you need on hand. No waiting for a flash presentation to load. (Which if you are planning your vacation you probably don’t want to waste your time on anyway). It gives you an overview of the Guest House what they provide, why you should stay with them, and who your hosts are going to be.
  • They have a very simple line of text (:::U.S. Citizens NO Passports Required:::), which might help those who still think that you need a Passport to come to Puerto Rico if you come from the U.S.
  • There About page gives you a map on what part of Culebra you will be staying. And talks a bit more detail on who your guests will be.

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  • If you have never traveled to Culebra their “Getting Here” page gives good insight on options, including costs by boat or plane.
  • They detail their amenities so you can have an idea of what they are offering you. It even includes a free extra day on Culebra-Secure Luggage Storage after checkout just in case you want to enjoy even the last moment at Culebra without having to drag your luggage everywhere.
  • Very Simple table with their Rates and other relevant reservation information.
  • The Guesthouse photos can give you an idea of where you are staying and what to expect.
  • If you still have not been able to get the answers their FAQ’s area where you can get answers to frequent and interesting questions regarding your stay in Culebra and the Palmetto Guesthouse. Including check-in and checkout times.
  • Their Trip Advisor badge has many reviews with great ratings and the moment it is #1 of 9 in Culebra’s B&B Popularity Index.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

  • The only thing that was missing was the Blog. But if you have had the opportunity to Read @mark_hayward’s blog ( it makes up for it.
I have not been to the Palmetto Guesthouse but based on their TripAdvisor reviews and their website I looks like as the best option if you are traveling to Culebra.
I invite you to visit the Palmetto Guesthouse Website and give me your opinion.
I really think this website serves its purpose do you?

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  1. Mark on February 13, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    Thanks for this very kind write-up, Raul! Running a business in Culebra can be difficult at times, but it truly is a paradise.