Good Morning Tropical Moon

Tropical moon over Puerto Rico.

Buy a Copy of “Good Morning Tropical Moon” You deserve to have a digital copy of some of the pictures I have taken of Puerto Rico. This picture was taken from Isla Verde Beach in Carolina, Puerto Rico. My Thoughts on the Image The moon greeted me this morning when i went for my morning walk. Yesterday I had…

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Igniting a Revolution – Mueblerias Berrios Listens

Mueblerias Berrios VIP Event

This is the sixth post of my Igniting a Revolution Series. On rare occasions I get to express my frustrations online. Now days I do it less as I work on subtracting occasions where I spend time on negatively charged events in my life. When I am in a negative situation I first look into how I…

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Might have Been Lost in Translation but Truly Innovative

Dana speaking at a Pecha Kucha.

I just got back from another Pecha Kucha at Seriously Creative’s new space based in the heart of the new rising and more modern Santurce.  The space is a lot cozier and location wise it is very accessible to everyone in the Metro Area which makes it a big plus. It Was time for a…

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Too Rigid for Creativity

Image drawn in Sand of Elmo

For the past 5 years I have moved myself towards working with my creative side. I can confess that I got tired of the corporate performance evaluations, the internal politics, the corporate external politics, and everything that has to do with being the ideal corporate employee (if there is one.) Too rigid for me Working…

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Mistakes Will Happen

Actors on the street doing improv.

“As long as the world is turning and spinning, we’re gonna be dizzy and we’re gonna make mistakes.” — Mel Brooks Recovering from mistakes is something I wish I could get better at, but over time I feel I have gotten better at it. Last week while I was testing out a WordPress Plug-in called…

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