Art & War Tank – Flamenco Beach

Tank in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Buy a Copy of “Art & War Tank” You deserve to have a digital copy of some of the pictures I have taken of Puerto Rico. My Thoughts on the Image As I walked on Culebra Beach after a long two day’s working on getting a kickstarter project, I was able to see what the U.S. Navy and…

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Bird’s Eye view of Flamenco Beach and Lagoon

Flamenco Beach and Lagoon #Culebra #PuertoRico

Buy a Digital Copy of “Bird’s Eye View of Flamenco” My Thoughts on the Image For 34 years I waited and in many occasions listened to the experiences and stories of those who had visited the island paradise of Culebra. As I boarded that small Vieques Air Link plane the smallest aircraft I have been on…

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11 Puppies Need a home ASAP

As part of me having a Vegetarian Lifestyle and being a dog lover, it is very hard for me to hear this kind of news happening in Puerto Rico. These situations happen so often on the Island I feel helpless so I pass along this info as we shared it on @veglatino and provided by…

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