Happy Jetting!

The Closest I might get to being a Jetsetter

This last past week I had the opportunity to buy a @Jetblue All You Can Jet Pass.
I follow @jetblue’s voice on twitter @mhjohnston and I saw the following tweet.


Once I read @mhjohnston’s tweet I rushed and bought my ticket making sure I would not missed out on it this year. I also supported them with their Twibbon.
As many of you know I am a big fan of @Jetblue just a few days earlier I wrote an article on how greatly they handled their PR Situation with the Rogue Flight Attendant “Nobody’s Perfect, Not even My Favorite Airline”.
Once again @jetblue really amazes me on how they have created a community with just offering a very simple product.
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They have also created a Twitter List where All You Can Jet Ticket Holders can be included and followed on twitter.


If you did not get a chance to buy a Ticket you can still participate in helping @mhjohnston with their Slogans. The one I liked the most was:


I was very excited about being able to fly as much as my workload allows me during September. This adds to the many experiences that Twitter has allowed me to have. Because if I would not been on twitter I would have heard about this sale to late in the game to get a pass.

Where should I go during the month of September?

I already have a few plans, which I will discuss tomorrow when @jetblue allows people to start booking their flights.

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