4 Reasons Sprint Customers Are Becoming Zombies

Does your Service Provider Turn You into a Zombie?

I have always been pretty satisfied with @Sprint’s customer service.

One of the only Apple Products I don’t own is the IPhone (although that might change) given the fact that it is exclusively sold by ATT (service provider who I have had serious issues in the past regarding Customer Service & Customer Satisfaction and is even worst than @Sprint).

The main reason of how happy I am with the Exceptional Customer Service I receive continuously at the @sprint Ponce Location during the years I have been there customer.

On many occasions they have fulfilled all the requests I have made to the extent were they have authority. One of the key issues they have are the many restrictions on what can be done on-site by local management.

This last year I have had many issues with @sprint via their customer service phone line and I can say that out of 8 calls they have only met and fulfilled my needs once. In all other occasions I have received very cold treatment with unacceptable answers to most of my questions without a reasonable solution. In other occasions my requests have not been that important for me to consider leaving @sprint.

After wasting two hours of time yesterday and the previous calls I found the following consistent issues from the @sprint customer service team in which I think 4 Reasons Why I think Sprint Customers are becoming Zombies:

  1. No real interest in keeping me as a customer. I spoke to many representatives and most of them seemed to be more interested in getting me of the phone and handing me over to another person to meet their Call Center performance Metrics than really taking care of my issue.
  2. Created a false sense of giving me a reasonable solution. Most individuals who I spoke with acted like they understood my point and gave me hope that it was going to be resolved. I have seen this behavior on many occasions when I call in.
  3. Lack of Empowerment to its employees. The call center representative was locked down to a script, which kept him from making the right business decision. This script is more aligned to reaping huge profits and keeping them than trying to make sure they customers are satisfied. If I cancel all my lines with @sprint they lose a lot more than actually helping me upgrade to the phone I want. From a business standpoint they will lose more than I can lose if I decide to leave them. The best companies who handle customer service and are great at customer satisfaction (ex. @zappos) empower their employees to an extent where if they feel anything is unfair they can act upon it. Supposedly all employees I spoke to understood me but none of them fixed the issue.
  4. They turn their customer service representatives into robots and make their customers into zombies. Every customer service representatives gave me different reasons of why I could not get what I requested, they where consistent in not providing a solution. Once you have a contract with them you are exposed to becoming a zombie by always being linked to a contract.

The biggest possible solution to many of the issues, which I need to make clear that are well across the board the whole industry including other service providers (example AT&T), is empowering there local management to make exceptions depending on the customer.

Local management has so many restrictions, which are aligned to protecting the huge profits they make, that when they bump into a customer like me who periodically refers possible customers (in which the close contracts on) to them they can’t do much to meet my needs.

Sprint also needs to keep an eye regarding what is being said of them via Social Media I named them on many occasions on their @sprint twitter account and also posted information on their Facebook Like Page and I did not see any reply.

I also found many people with legitimate complaints online similar to mine which I am sharing below where many customers where frustrated by their customer satisfaction.

A comment by @wickedontherock on my facebook profile regarding his experience on Sprint.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Like these their are many others to be read.

I searched the following keywords “sprint sucks”  & #sprintsucks and found various complaints.

After you read other tweets regarding customer service issues I can only leave this message to Sprint Management most of these customers like me are not complaining and expressing their frustrations online because they want to hurt the brand.

They are mostly disappointed by the bad customer service and lack of focus on customer satisfaction.

In a few words they expected Better from Sprint. They reason why we choose @sprint over the other service provider.

Do you have any similar issues with @Sprint or any other phone company?

What are you doing in regards to fixing these issues?

Do you think @sprint should keep ignoring their clients via the web?

It would be great to see your comments below and thanks again.

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  1. ericflores on June 18, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    Y yo que los estaba considerando para cuando AT&T decidiera incumplir su parte del contrato de data ilimitada!

    • Raul Colon on June 18, 2012 at 9:57 pm

      My only issue with @ATT:twitter was resolved with flying colors! Different to sprint which never responded to this post and many other valid complaints posted online. 

      I recommend staying away from @Sprint:twitter we are currently waiting for the New iPhone to come out and finish a contract with them to move our Broadband card and Last line over to ATT. 

      The biggest issues is coverage all over the Island with ATT it is awesome!