My Fear of Mechanics has Been Cured!

Carlos Flores The Best Honda Mechanic in Puerto Rico

One of the most difficult and scariest visits I can do after the dentist is visiting the Mechanic. Thankfully, I already have a Dentist that makes me feel comfortable and I leave feeling better. A Good Honda Mechanic I Can Trust Finally I was able to visit a Mechanic and feel a sense of relief when I…

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Funkyberry Bringing Community to Isla Verde

Funkyberry (@funkyberrypr) Bringing Community to Isla Verde -

Our Favorite Hangout in Isla Verde A few times a week, I go with Daniela to our favorite spot to get healthy snacks here in Isla Verde called,  Funkyberry. Daniela  takes ownership of the place by dancing around and enjoying herself. We also go during times where Funkyberry is not too busy. The owners Raúl…

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Return to the Gym

Photo by Raúl Colón Text using Over

For some reason when we leave the gym it is so difficult to go back. I guess thinking of what we have to sacrifice to get back to where we left off can only make it harder on us. The reality is there are no shortcuts when it comes to fitness.  Your best bet is…

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Excellent Customer Service & Great Food @PFChangs San Juan

Since 2005 when I visited my first PF Changs in Raleigh North Carolina I became enchanted with the place. Their food and drink menu made me a loyal customer. On that occasion I was working for KPMG and we where at a client when my good friends and ex-coworkers decided to check out PF Changs.…

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