It’s Cold Up North

Isla Verde Surfer

Every morning I wake up and I am anxious to start the new day. Some days I am more motivated than others. For almost 7 years now I have gone on the rollercoaster of being an entrepreneur. From giving up some of the luxuries I thought I needed to live to the only home I…

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Sears is for my Grandparents & the Best Buy A+ Team Members

My experiences with BestBuy have probably not been the best throughout the years. A few months ago I went through the hassle of exchanging a mouse that I bought at their store which was under manufacturers warranty; Apple and Best Buy made it a bit complicated to exchange. I have to put the fault on…

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Ignite a Revolution: Improve Customer Experience

Photo by Raúl Colón

This is post two on my Igniting a Revolution Series. Making your customers feel at home and creating awareness of good customer service is something we all should do. By putting the spotlight on a few places that have it right when it comes to customer service. I might help Ignite some ideas on how…

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Customer Care & Sales Techniques from El Jibarito de Adjuntas

I try to find lessons in how many people handle business and this is the first post out of two posts I plan to do on a man who can teach many of us awesome sales techniques but a good example on building a community of customers. Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner Searching…

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