Identifying Love In Your Client Relationships

No it is not that Kind of Love I am writing about

Every morning I go over my favorite blogs and try to internalize what they write.

After reading this great blog post (Love: How the essence of a brand fuels its purpose.) from Olivier Blanchard @thebrandbuilder I made the task to identify how long I have had some type of relationship with my clients.

Most of my clients have been with me at least 5 years. Keeping in mind I started my own business only two years ago I think this is a great milestone. Most of them are ex-coworkers or ex-clients from the other firms I worked for which really appreciated what I did for them at one time or the other.

Olivier’s (@thebrandbuilder) post focuses on that experience that many of us feel when we buy something from our favorite brands.
Buying a product. Bringing it home. Taking it out of the box. Pressing PLAY. Turning the first page. Pulling the cork. Clipping-in. Hitting the ignition. Biting into the first slice. Slipping into it. Walking into the new store. Spraying it on. Plugging it in. Connecting the pieces. Reading the owner’s manual. Shifting up. Writing your name on it. Clicking SEND on the order form. Taking it for a spin. Just looking at it. Sharing it with a loved one. Holding it in your hand. | @thebrandbuilder
The Holding it in your hand part was key because I just bought a new Magic Mouse from Apple, which I am, very happy with (and also used to get to the Blog Post).
He also makes any business owner think on how you can actually look to achieve those same feelings with your customers. I think this is a post many of us should re-read over and over again periodically.
On some occasions obstacles presented by our clients or their environments makes it is very easy to lose focus and forget that “Love” is the key to unlocking many things (even keeping relationships or establishing new business relationships).
I have seen how “Love” has created great relationships at some of my clients and I have also seen the other side how so many people fall in love with the wrong employees, consultants, leadership, partners, suppliers, and the list can go on. In many of these cases the main reason why these harmful relationships are kept is because people feel in “Love” instead of sharing the love.
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Who ever shares the love with their customers and everyone that is key in your business will always have a long term advantage over those people that are doing well because their client fell in love with them for the wrong reasons.
I try my hardest to make sure that once I finish a project I have impacted my client in a positive way and in some way improved their environment while I was present.
Just as you would take care of your significant other, most of the time you need to show affection to your clients and let them know it is a two way channel that you are not only on the receiving side. I see it every day at some places where I was a client or I am thinking soon of not being one where they are only focusing on taking money out of my pocket. I am very loyal customer to those places where they show me that they care.
I have also established and work everyday to keep those great relationships with my clients and making sure that they are also my first option against any of their competitors.
For example one of my clients is Archipielago Restaurant in Ponce if I am in Ponce and they are open I will choose them over any other place. Not only am I being appreciative of the Business they give me I believe they are the best Restaurant in Ponce and once I walk thru the door they show my guests and I the same love that I show them.
At other clients is something as simple as treating them to coffee or afternoon snacks. In some occasions I even share or buy books I have read and thought they would like demonstrating that most of my interests are my clients interest.
How do you show your client’s love or affection?
What can you do this week or today to show your clients the Love you have for them?
What can you identify from your client that shows that they also love your services and your resources?
Please don’t forget to visit the post (Love: How the essence of a brand fuels its purpose.), which Inspired this one from one of my favorite bloggers , Social Media & Marketing Strategist @thebrandbuilder
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