Two ISPs (Sprint & Choice) that Don’t Make One

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I have been having issues with my Internet Service Provider (Choice Cable) for quite some time. I have been under an enormous amount of pressure to get a lot of things out of the way and I have sadly ran into issues of not having internet and that slowing me down. Overall I have been waiting on them to fix an issue that apparently will be fixed soon enough.

I am currently debating if I should change to a very expensive provider to make sure I have at least two Internet connections since I need to be connected to take care of my clients.

At the moment I still have a Sprint Overdrive that at my house serves me the same as having a 56k modem. Not very fast and although it has 4G capability Sprint is not planning to have 4G on the Island for quite some time. Many of you know how I feel about Sprint and there lack of interest for customers who have stuck with them for many years like me. I really can’t wait till my contract ends with Sprint so I can get myself another way of having a backup connection to the Internet that is mobile. Not only is the connection extremely slow I am also limited on uploads and downloads which I find even more ridiculous. Why would you sell a device that can connect many but then limit the upload and download?

NO Internet Service

A few weeks ago I had no Internet for most of the day. I spent quite some time troubleshooting the router since the morons at my ISP decide to blame the router instead of their infrastructure. After talking to a few individuals I ran into a moron who decided to tell me that I must not be doing the troubleshooting steps since it was not working and I should have a connection after a heated 3 minute argument he went offline to later confirm they where having issues online. Not only was the guy a jerk he later did not have the courage to apologize for being a moron.

Having no Internet really got me in a bad spot especially after a week before I had been offline at a conference. Overall my biggest issue with moving over to the only other provider is that at one point they also made a few mistakes that cost me money about 18 months ago when they disconnected my service by accident.

So now I am stuck with my current ISP Choice who brags about having the fastest connection on this side of the Island but the service is never up. So I would rather have them brag about the most consistent connection so it would not interrupt my work. Sprint who overcharges me for a service that I am on contract with very bad signal and they have decided to do nothing about fixing the issue. My third but not least option the other service provider which is costly but also does not give me the peace of mind that I am in the right hands.

I wish I could find another option towards this issue to make sure I could have a good connection to Internet.

I will have to continue doing my research and working around my poor connection to make sure I don’t fall behind on work.

When I have No Internet

I use that time to take care of Offline tasks or sometimes I just remove myself from a computer and get even house tasks completed. Although it gets to a point where all offline tasks are completed and then I have to make sure I get hit the ground running when the Internet comes back up.

How do you manage those obstacles and issues you might run into that try to paralyze your business?