The only follower I worry about Pt 2, My Parenting Coach

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I rarely create follow up posts but I guess this is an exception to a post I wrote a year ago (The only follower I worry about).

In a world where too many are extremely worried of who is following (Twitter), friending (facebook), or circling (Google +) and forgetting about genuine engagement I am always making sure that my family is closest to me.

Like I wrote last year the only follower I worry about losing is my younger brother Javier. Before I wrote the previous post I was getting ready to be a Dad. The only experiences I had while being one was taking care of our black Labrador Juanga. Javier on the other side although younger than me to took the challenge of being a Dad before me.

On many occasions I end up being the person giving my brother Javier advice and throughout the year I have to say that he has end up teaching many things so it has been an even exchange of thoughts, ideas, and other very useful life lessons.

My Brother as a Parenting Coach

When @danielalcolon was born last December my brother came in for a few days after she was born to meet his niece and also help out. During those days I injured my back and thankfully my brother took care of some of my tasks. Being a new dad kept me at a higher pace than my body could handle and for that reason I ended up in bed for a few days. Thankfully my brother was there to help us and even change a few of Daniela’s diapers.

I also learned many parenting tips from my brother on what baby wipes to buy how to cycle them out and not buy the same brand to limit the probability of an allergy. That and many useful tips that as a father for 9+ months I have used and have helped me greatly.

The Workaholic

I have to also thank my brother for not making me feel like I am the only human being in the family that is thinking of work at all time. Although my older brother Luis is part of the Workaholic Colón clan I see how my younger brother does focus a lot on his job and does whatever needs to be accomplished.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

My brother Javier preparing me a Pizza

The best Slice of Pizza Hut Pizza I have tasted

I have never been a Pizza Hut fan but I guess when my brother’s hands make the Pizza then it changes scenario completely. Last week I was visiting my family and had a chance to see our grandma America who is very ill and I went to his job place that is currently the new PIzza Hut in Bridgeport.  While being there I asked my brother to prepare me the veggie pizza. Maybe I am biased but it has been the best Pizza Hut Pizza I have ever had and it was made with my brother’s hands.

Seeing how detailed oriented my brother is at his job fills me with joy. I am very proud that he is working at a place where he actually enjoys what he does while he earns a living.

How Connected Javier and I Are

While I was in Bridgeport my brother Javier accompanies me to an event of my client the Puerto Rican Parade of Fairfield County ( We both got ready in separate places and when we met up to take off to the venue I realized that my brother was wearing the same color shirt I was going to wear. I never wear that shirt but that day we ended up wearing almost the same color shirt. We had an awesome time meeting great people I had interacted with online but had not met in person.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

@bambambpt, @rj_c, & @javierrcolon (my brother)

Being so connected to my brother seeing how every year we get an older but learn many lessons. Some lessons we learn together but most of them we are on our own. Seeing how he makes better decisions every day to improve his lifestyle and the opportunities ahead of him.

Once again I don’t want to lose the following of my brother so I make sure I also follow him. Overall I have to say that when it comes to dealing with other people he is a much better leader than I am. He has a unique way to get people to relate to him and understand what he needs. On my side I just speak my mind and try to help those around me wishing someone were interested in listening to what I have to say.

I see my brother who can quickly gather a few individuals and get them going with a lot more ease than I can.

Thankfully most readers like you in my blog are more focused on creating relationships and not on how is following your or the count. But there is no better feeling than being connected to those that matter.

No matter what the situation is I don’t want to lose contact with my brother and the rest of my family. I want my brother to follow me because I am also willing to follow him.

Online channels can bring lots of good and bad things. Thankfully technology has helped me stay closer to my brother since I only get to see him for a few days a year.

My brother’s drive is the same drive I have to get ahead. We both take different roads but we are both seeking opportunities to find what each of us thinks success should be like.

I send many positive vibes to my brother and his family and once again saying Happy Birthday and words really can’t express how proud I feel of him.

Thank you for being an awesome brother and may the future bring you more positive things (just make sure to share them with me, LOL just kidding).

I Love You Javi!




  1. Javierrcolon on October 13, 2011 at 11:49 am

    Thank you for always beeing here for me I love you

    Javier R. Colon

    • Raul Colon on October 13, 2011 at 12:04 pm

      I love you have an awesome birthday!