Only Follower I Worry About part 3, Perfect Brother

Manolo, Mauro, Raúl, Alex, and Birthday Boy

A small tradition in my blog every October 13th, 2012 is to write and dedicate one post to my younger brother Javier. My first post was on how I want to be a leader for him and the other one was on how he is a great parenting coach. Since 2004 I have to say…

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The only follower I worry about Pt 2, My Parenting Coach

I rarely create follow up posts but I guess this is an exception to a post I wrote a year ago (The only follower I worry about). In a world where too many are extremely worried of who is following (Twitter), friending (facebook), or circling (Google +) and forgetting about genuine engagement I am always…

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The Only Follower I Worry About!

I make sure everyday I can lead the way for him! Out of the people that I follow on twitter or any other channel I Do Worry if this Person stops following me! I remember 26 years ago on this date being 4 years old and receiving news that impacted me in a positive way. I…

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