To the Warrior

After reading of the passing of a family member I watched the waves come and go this morning. I thought of the first time I realized we were mortals. The First Time I remember a Family Member Passing Away It should have been around 30 years ago when my uncle Pucho passed away. I was…

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Friends, Food Trucks, and Family

Mastering the Digital Channel Event at Colónnade Hotel

The previous week I spent most of my time connecting with old friends and family. My main objective was understanding what is the best way to approach a few new opportunities that have been presented to me. Nice hotel, Good Vegan Food, and Even Better Friends My week started flying off to Boston where I…

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Happy Birthday Super Mom!

Happy Birthday Super Mom

I sometimes write about those who are part of my support systems and I appreciate having them as friends and supporters. But I sometimes don’t put the spotlight enough on someone who for me is the major support system in my life. 9 Birthday’s Together This is the 9th birthday I celebrate with my life…

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No Exact Words can Express It!

Javier and Raúl Colón

I can write all day about how I feel about equality is of importance. How I think every human deserves the same rights and opportunities. More importantly how some should appreciate the fact that they were handed those opportunities and make the best of them. Sometimes I become selfish and I realize that I want…

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Wild Dolphins

Isla Verde

As a vegan I have a hard time watching dolphins perform in an environment they were not meant to be. The past few days we have been lucky enough to be able to watch Dolphins from the coast. Last year in november I was able to see my first Dolphin in the wild and today…

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