The scale does not define you

Photograph of Isla Verde Beach.

  “Knowledge may give weight, but accomplishments give luster, and many more people see than weigh.” ~Lord Chesterfield The past two months I have gotten a better at staying away from the bad habit of weighing myself every day. I have scale in my bathroom and when I started my latest fitness transformation, I got…

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Are You a Fan of Unsolicited Advice?

Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

I am a big fan of giving unsolicited advice. The problem I have is that on many occasions those receiving it might not be as excited or interested in what I have to say. I make a living advising and helping companies and individuals create healthier online communications. Since I started in the role of…

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Explaining How I Make a Living

Fit 911 Studio

2/11/IMG_5163.jpg”> One of my biggest challenges I have is trying to explain to others how I make a living. Others constantly are selling themselves to the point where they are spamming people online and offline. When I want to explain what I do, I worry that I don’t cross that thin line of sharing things…

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Visualizing the Impact Equation

Impact Equation Book Isla Verde Puerto Rico

A book that covers online communications and starts with the phrase: “Ceci n’est pas un social networking book” Is a book I definitely want to read! Before I continue writing about this great book that helps us understand how communicate and create relationships with current emerging technologies, I want to explain that I am a…

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Preparing for something that might not happen

Isla Verde Beach

When I wrote this the island was under close watch for Tropical Storm Isaac and for some reason the storm decided to slow down. After all the preparation we did, Tropical Storm Isaac did not do much harm to my Island and any land that it hit afterwards. Importance of Preparing Preparing is something we…

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