Aligning Sales Calls with Proposals

Chattanooga Fountain Trail of Tears photo by Raúl Colón

I have tried in multiple occasions to give my Business phone calls some structure especially my sales calls. For the past year I have been pitching to leads around the world via phone (or Skype) trying to gain new customers. On many occasions I play it by ear but when I finish my call I…

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Comfort, Practicality, and Convenience

Vibram's with Injiji

The past years I have mainly worked from the comfort of home and my interactions with clients in person have been replaced with videoconferences from as close as San Juan, Puerto Rico and as far as England. I have created a habit of working in clothes that might be appropriate for exercising but not for…

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Take Action! Don’t sit & wait.

Juanga and me Moving by Raúl Colón

At an early age I learned that complaining about not reaching a goal and then passively waiting to reach said goal would not help me. It took years for me to put what I had learned into practice (and I still have to work on keeping my focus sometimes). I remember as a kid asking…

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Office at Home or Expensive Commercial Space?

Ikebana Isla Verde by Raúl Colón

I have worked from home since the start of CIMA IT Solutions in 2008. Prior to that my office was also my home because while working for American Systems in DC while living in Puerto Rico. The only time I physically entered the office was for New Hire Orientation! Working from home has its pro’s…

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Losing a Job Vs. Closing a Business

Joyudas Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Being vegetarian for the past 6 years has created some inconveniences when it comes to finding places to eat. But one that probably has impacted me the most is not being able to have lunch or dinner in a majority of restaurants in Puerto Rico. Yesterday as we drove to the west coast of Puerto…

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