Interviewed by @CRCandelario an FIT Marketing Student

Interviewed by a Remarkable New York FIT Student

On occasions I get asked the question why do I choose to write and share my thoughts on blogs. I can keep the person for days talking about the benefits but here is a concrete example on the value of sharing your thoughts online and more importantly sharing your story. My good friend Chris Brogan…

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Aligning Sales Calls with Proposals

Chattanooga Fountain Trail of Tears photo by Raúl Colón

I have tried in multiple occasions to give my Business phone calls some structure especially my sales calls. For the past year I have been pitching to leads around the world via phone (or Skype) trying to gain new customers. On many occasions I play it by ear but when I finish my call I…

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Enchantment Book Review from the Island of Enchantment

Out of the business books I have read, not many are as diverse as this book. I met Guy Kawasaki at the Samsung Bloggers Lounge just before he was going to hand out complimentary copies of his latest book Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions (Amazon Affiliate Link). I had the privilege…

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Social Media Secrets Uncovered By Tom & Olivier

I often see and hear how many people look and search for the perfect formula on how to handle Social Media. Questions arise such as, “How can social media be productive or useful?” Some people want to have a precise number of tweets during the day so they can calculate who they are going to…

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Simple but Effective Advertising

A few weeks ago before I left for #SXSW I saw this individual with a shirt which really caught my eye. In Puerto Rico there are vendors at stop lights (then we wonder why we spend so much money) selling water and other snacks while people wait on the stoplight to give them a go.…

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