Simple but Effective Advertising

A few weeks ago before I left for #SXSW I saw this individual with a shirt which really caught my eye. In Puerto Rico there are vendors at stop lights (then we wonder why we spend so much money) selling water and other snacks while people wait on the stoplight to give them a go.

I hardly ever buy a bottle since living in the tropics I always have enough water in my car to last me a few days. This time this vendor simple but very effective t-shirt caught our eye and we ended buying cold water (Agua).

His shirt relays a very effective message Agua $1. It states what he sells and at what price. I see many companies with simple products missing out on opportunities because they complicate what they are offering.

I am working on creating packages with pricing to offer to some of my clients via CIMA . If it only where that easy to convey what you sell with one word and a fixed price.

Here a couple of other ideas I found on Slideshare on simple but brilliant Guerrilla Advertisements.

What products or services are you having a problem getting out the door with the adequate marketing? If I can be of help let me know. If you want to share any thoughts feel free to comment!

  • Prometeo

    The shortest route between point A and point B is a straight line…

    • Raul Colon

      I really like your simple analogy! Very straight to the Point. I will be quoting you …

  • rbeato

    similar application in proper signage. verbosity should not be used, yet most signs are like that. here is a simple guide from UK:

    proper road signage here:

    as the saying goes: short, sewwt and to the point.

    • Raul Colon

      Rbeato.. I have to agree… Thanks for sharing these great guides will be taking a look at them with more detail in the next few days