Interviewed by @CRCandelario an FIT Marketing Student

On occasions I get asked the question why do I choose to write and share my thoughts on blogs. I can keep the person for days talking about the benefits but here is a concrete example on the value of sharing your thoughts online and more importantly sharing your story.

My good friend Chris Brogan invited me to write for Owner Magazine where I have published so far two spanish articles “6 Consejos de Cómo ser Dueño de un NICHO” and “Conocer Los Ingredientes”.

Writing In Spanish Expanded My Network of Quality People

By writing in spanish I have connected already with some very talented people who wanted to read content in their native language spanish.

I also had the opportunity to meet and get a message from Carmen Candelaria a young student from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York who asked me if you could interview me for a school project.

Carmen is from our sister and neighbor Island the Dominican Republic and I was more than happy to accept to her interview.

Here is a full hour of some of me exchanging my thoughts with Carmen on how I see business should be conducted online.

We Need More Students to Follow Carmen’s Lead

I think more students need to follow Carmen’s lead and try to connect with those who like me are running projects and businesses.

If you are looking for a new team member to work on your marketing teams I highly recommended giving students like Carmen the opportunity to continue growing as professionals.

You can find Carmen Candelario on Twitter, @CRCandelario.

Once again thanks Carmen for selecting me to be interviewed.