Sunrise From Isla Verde

Pictures of Isla Verde Beach in Carolina, Puerto Rico

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You deserve to have a copy of some of the pictures I have taken of Puerto Rico. This picture was taken from Isla Verde Beach in Carolina, Puerto Rico.


My Thoughts on the Image

Friday mornings are not much different than other mornings for me.

I tend to wake up to see what those who work weekday jobs so anxiously wait for all week. Friday use to be a special day for me also.

Making Friday the Hero made Monday the villain.
As much as I loved Fridays y despised Mondays three times as much. I

n 2008 when I decided to set up my own shop and work on my own projects I fell in Love with Monday and every other day.

Although sometimes as entrepreneur I might struggle to pay bills and meet my responsibilities. There is no better satisfaction that controlling my own time and seeing the value in every day.

So do you have a favorite day. Do you make the most out of every day of the week.

We only have limited days on this earth why not try to make the most of them special.

What is holding you back?

As I walked this morning on the beach just after I glanced at Facebook I could not help but smile. I don’t hold back and I love most of my days.

Those days that are difficult are a reminder so I can be grateful of all the awesome days I have live and will live.