What is your Relationship with Monday?

Isla Verde in The Morning

Morning walks on Sunday are extra special. After walking and maybe looking at the photographs I usually take I see how many focus energy on the fact that the weekend is going to end. I strange relationship with Sunday and Monday I personally can relate to them. I fell in love with Monday but for…

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Sunrise From Isla Verde

Pictures of Isla Verde Beach in Carolina, Puerto Rico

Buy a Copy of “Sunrise From Isla Verde” You deserve to have a copy of some of the pictures I have taken of Puerto Rico. This picture was taken from Isla Verde Beach in Carolina, Puerto Rico. My Thoughts on the Image Friday mornings are not much different than other mornings for me. I tend to wake…

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How I captured the Attention of 10k+ people in a day

Water Bird Eating

I have been sharing my thoughts and experiences online since I set up my first website in 1998 on Tripod.com; a version full of ads is still available on the free hosting service. It took me some time to set up my personal blog (this one) as a project. After running multiple blogs which were geared…

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Let the Puerto Rican Beach “Pigs” Pay

Today I saw a tweet by the Police of Puerto Rico communicating to every responsible citizen to bring bags for their trash and make sure they take the trash back home. Camino a la playa con la familia? No olvide llevar una bolsa de basura. Pásela bien y mantenga la playa limpia. pic.twitter.com/mwpkd87FWP — Policía…

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