I Fell In love with Monday! Why haven’t you?

Amapola en Guayanilla

Since I co-founded CIMA IT Solutions in 2008 I have fallen in love with Monday and here is an explanation why I fell in love which such a day.

Start of a Race

Every monday is like the starting line of a race.  I know I have to take off with a healthy pace similar to the strategy a marathon runner would use. My first months on my own if on Friday I did not close any new business or make the progress I wanted on a project I started to hate fridays. Since most business opportunities appear during the week I wanted to skip the weekend to and start a new week waiting anxiously for Monday.

Finding The Value in the Weekend

I decided that since I could not skip the weekend I would use it to my advantage by planning and preparing to start the week in the best shape possible.

I Also Hated Monday’s

When I use to work for companies such as KPMG LLP (although I love the people I worked with and it was a great experience) I would start stressing out about Monday as soon as Sunday arrived.

I remember that Sundays where a big rush packing to make it on time to the airport ,  my goal was  to get to  the hotel before midnight so I could get enough rest for the intense week most Big 4 employees have. There was a time when I realized how much I  hated  this routine and decided to put an end to my career in the big firms.

What My Sunday is like

Today is Sunday and like many previous Sundays I find myself in front on my desk laying out my week to make it a productive one. Since business has been slower than I expected I  use every minute I have to improve the situation.

No Difference in Days of the Week

I don’t see a difference in weekdays or the weekend since I put as much passion and determination to each day I have on this earth because I love what I do.

This past week I launched Veglatino.com a blog focused on Latinos living a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, different to many efforts like TwitPuerto I see this one is really catching interest of a different group of people. These projects not only make me try harder and extend my reach into new things they are a representation of who I am and each win motivates me to give it even more.

The Beginning of The Business as Usual Week

Mondays are the start of a work week which  provides us the same opportunity to make the best of it.

  • I plan my week to enjoy it.
  • I plan my week to take full advantage of it.
  • I plan to make sure I stay on course with the many things I find myself doing especially since I just became a new dad.

The way I started loving mondays was trying to look for something that would motivate me into starting it.

A few weeks ago I wrote No More Morning Puerto Rico Radio for Me! expressing my disappointed that radio personality @nelsonbermejo was taken off the Air and how I was going to personally boycott Local Radio until he returned.

Thankfully Nelson will return tomorrow to magic 97. 3 and since I am a loyal follower of @nelsonbermejo not only for his great talent but for demonstrating to be a great human being I will be one of the first tomorrow morning at 10am tuning in to magic.

If you are still not convinced that Monday is not for you feel free to listen or dowload @nelsobermejo’s podcast (in spanish) he will inspire you into making the most of your day.

If you want to listen to a few more of @nelsonbermejo’s podcast click here.

How do you make the most of your Monday’s?

What motivates you to enjoy the weekend and get ready for the new week with a positive attitude?

I Fell In love with Monday, why haven’t you?


  1. Prometeo on February 8, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    Mondays are the beginning of new opportunities. I used to curse them but discovered that that didn’t help me the rest of the week. To begin the week with a positive attitude is one of the things that helped me be a better human being. Enthusiasm is contagious.

    • Raul Colon on February 8, 2011 at 8:05 pm

      I agree make the best of it…. Why not enjoy every day!