Refresh, Refresh, and Refresh

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I am trying to get many things in order. I think when I write my morning pages phrase that pops up the most is how I need to reorganize. Just when I think I have something in the bag I realize that I need to start again.

Hitting the Refresh Button

Refreshing yourself constantly is something that is healthy but can also put a load of unwanted stress on you. I have been doing many things to keep my business running. In doing many things sometimes it increases the probability of me failing which can hurt my overall efforts.  Every time I try to refresh I try to stay focus and making sure that when I renew myself I complete what needs to get done.

We forget what happened last time

As human beings we tend to keep in mind the latest events or behavior that happened at a place or with those individuals around us.  When having an uncomfortable situation we quickly forget the past opportunities, positive experience, and things that where brought to us by a group or a person previously which probably made our lives better at that moment. I see it all the time with couples that look so happy but once a person makes a small mistake things take a change quickly. I see it in business transactions where one party has done a lot for another and once something cannot be done or accomplished the relationship takes a dive for the worse.

Is there a process of knowing people?

I believe that we all should have a process or way of actually making sure we’re continuously learning more about those that are around us. I am grateful for past experiences and even when someone was not treating me the right way I would think of how that person helped me at one time in the past. If they gave me a hand I felt like I owed them 10 times what they had done for me. The best possible outcome is one where there is a balance. Where we can understand and forgive those that make a few mistakes and filter out those that are really out for themselves.

Some One Time Events are Sensitive

On some occasions the damage is irreparable and severing ties is the best possible option. Some individuals can be very selfish and sometimes one event can show you the real person inside. On occasions when you see the intentions of a person during sensitive events and are able to identify a selfish agenda it becomes a completely different ball game.

Transparency can also be an obstacle

I try to be as transparent as possible and that can also be an obstacle. When you tell people how you feel all the time it can make many uncomfortable. In a world where most people keep their thoughts to themselves and many others decide to talk behind the backs of others, I express myself publicly by addressing an issue I had with someone or a group, it can come off as arrogant.

I want those around me to understand that I am very clear with my communications and what I express is what I feel. This has helped me create very solid relationships with people who I really love and it will not change at any moment. I might have hurt many feelings and in others I might have shined some light on some issues many others decided to stay away from because they either did not care enough or did not have the courage to address them.

Every day is a new day. The Internet allows us to filter more people so we can keep the good ones as connections. Before we had to deal with the few options of good people that where located at a close geographical distance. Now we can connect with people and others around the world.

Everyday I hit the refresh button when I go for a new project, I write a blog post, and I tell someone they are special in my life. No matter how bad your day was keep in mind we can hit refresh and start a brand new day by giving it our best.

How do you make sure you are refreshing constantly? How do you also make sure that when you hit refresh you don’t forget about those that cared about you and gave you a hand previously?