Not your dad’s Morning Pages

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Since I started blogging, I have been able to understand many things. I see how the process of putting something through my head and putting it on a screen to later refine and share with you, is a unique process. I have to say that I have met great people and have been able to filter out some bad ones thanks to my blogging efforts.

I love to write, and it is a way for me to document my thoughts and see who else is interested. A few weeks ago I was talking to @joesorge and brainstorming ideas of how to get my business running more efficiently and more. He suggested that I try this exercise called the morning pages. @joesorge has been a great coach, human being, and impressive business advisor.

If you are new to my blog, @joesorge is part of my Small Business Advisory team at Kitchen Table Companies. He is also the owner of @AJBombers a burger joint with a variety of vegetarian options up in Wisconsin. @joesorge has been very successful in using social media to limit his expenses on traditional marketing and has done it in a very efficient way. He has been written about in many neat places including in @garyvee’s book, The Thank You EconomyPhotos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico (Amazon Affiliate Link), where a chapter is dedicated to him. I understand very clearly why @garyvee included @joesorge in a book called, The Thank You Economy.Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

I have been doing the Morning Pages for over three weeks; it consists of waking up in the morning and writing. The purpose of the exercise is to make my head of ideas to be more productive during the day. I have to admit that this practice has helped me process many of my thoughts and I have been able to produce a few projects.

One of the ideas that came to me was finally getting a domain name that liked I with our new project which we launched on Father’s day.

I have to thank @joesorge for introducing me to this excellent exercise. These are some of the tips you get from a Small Business Advisory team. I also have to say that I have been getting referrals and CIMA IT Solutions is moving forward at full speed once again. I have to tie the brainstorming I have done these last few days to the projects I have in the works.

So if you are a bit lost in what you need to do in your professional life or business, I highly recommend trying out the Morning Pages for at least two weeks (just as Joe suggested it to me). You can start seeing results that will pay off if you commit yourself. Yes, it is not easy to wake up and sit down to write three pages of content, but it is an investment you make early in your day to make sure the rest of the day goes as you want it to go.

The Basic Tools

Are you up to the challenge? Will you take a look at Morning Pages and give it a try? If you do, feel free to communicate back with me?

If you are also in need of a group of dedicated and diverse entrepreneurs to help you answer small business questions feel free to visit and Join Kitchen Table Companies and see what is all about!

If you need the Basic Tools of the Morning Pages contact me directly, I have a PDF that was available publicly.


  1. Joe Sorge on June 22, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    You Sir have just made my day!
    Kudos on sticking to it and making it work like I knew it would for you.

    The reason you made my day? This –>> “I also have to say that I have been getting referrals and CIMA IT Solutions is moving forward at full speed once again.”

    That was the goal all along, yesssss.

    That is TOTALLY morning pages at work. You remove the “fear” and it just comes to you.
    It’s the weirdest thing.

    • Raul Colon on June 22, 2011 at 3:46 pm


      I really appreciate the support you have given me these last few months along @chrisbrogan:twitter . I really benefited from something very simple and It is the first thing I do every morning. 

      Your investment of time with the positive energies, and great advice really is paying off sooner than anyone would think! 

      Thanks again!