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A Quick Reaction Is Key

Two nights ago while boarding my @jetblue flight returning from my Disney vacation and part of my #AYCJ I had the worst experience with a @jetblue crewmember I have had since I became a loyal customer.

I quickly tweeted out of frustration my situation while walking from the beginning of the Aisle to my seat.

By the time I got to my seat I received a direct message with a tweet asking me the name of the crewmember and to please drop them a note on the @Jetblue Speak Up Website. I honestly felt bad of having sent the tweet publicly but this only demonstrates that I am objective regarding @Jetblue’s overall good service.

If I get great service I make sure I write about it and promote it and when I get bad service from @Jetblue, which hardly ever happens I also express it.

After analyzing my reaction I was glad I sent the tweet and was not surprised on how great @Jetblue’s social media team reacts to these issues.

I think many companies should copy their quick responsiveness.

I am more than sure that @jetblue will take care of the crewmember so nobody else has to go through the bad experience. I already received a message communicating they are addressing the issue.

Do you know of any other company who reacts this quickly to an issue?

Does their response comfort you into really believing they are doing something about the issue?

What similar experiences on quick responsiveness via social media with other companies?