Puerto Rico Tourism Does It Better? Really?

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Puerto Rico Tourism Does It Better By Not Believing in Local Resources.

A few days ago I wrote Puerto Rico 1st Needs to get the Product Right regarding on how clueless the Puerto Rico Tourism office is towards online marketing and blogs.

Today I was watching TV when I saw the current ad that they are running with the “Just Think Campaign”.

Other than the images I clearly think this advertisement is clearly disconnected from the island in the following ways:

  • The narrators voice does not represent our culture in any way.
  • Energy of the images and video is does not tie to Puerto Rico projects.
  • Music in background is dull and boring
  • The video is not inviting.
  • Call to action is not clear.

Not Inviting

Overall I really don’t think this campaign invites anyone to act upon the advertisement. I wonder how they are measuring the the cost of all these main stream advertisements. I say cost because someone needs to convince me otherwise that they are getting the adequate return on investment on the expense they are incurring.

A few weeks ago I found out that the Puerto Rico Tourism office is using an outside of Puerto Rico firm to handle social media (which might not be a good idea if they had someone locally getting the real Puerto Rico perspective). I was very disappointed because how can you convey a message of inviting people when you go to the outside to grab resources.

I really would like the Puerto Rico tourism department to evaluate how many dollars are being thrown away to the outside when our tourism industry does not bring in the dollars to help the economy. I really think that an adequate campaign can keep some of those dollars (or even better yet,  most of them) locally and help improve the economy while bringing more people to visit Puerto Rico.

Once again why don’t they make the investment in some of the many issues that can be easily addressed with most of the money being thrown away.

Do you think non local resources can create the proper connection to promote Puerto Rico?

Is the current campaign inviting? Does it make you book a trip to Puerto Rico or at least recommend it?


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  1. Louis Pagan on January 12, 2011 at 1:08 am

    Have you contacted them and displayed this?

    • Raul Colon on January 12, 2011 at 2:07 am

      Yes this was part of the Reply!

      “La oficina del Director Ejecutivo de la Compañía de Turismo me comunicó su interés de trabajar con nosotros el área de Social Media. Sin embargo, actualmente tenemos contrato con una agencia en US que está encargada de esta área del cual poco a poco estamos desarrollando.”

      Unless you are not aligned with their political friends or objectives they black you out.

      Example the current party is a big advocate for Newspapers because they control them so they try every effort to quiet anyone who is not making money for them.