Book Review: Price of Everything

I think one of the things I have gone through life not understanding is how prices are established. A few months ago I finished reading Priceless: The Myth of Fair Value (and How to Take Advantage of It) (amazon affiliate link) which helped me with understanding a bit better how some things are priced and how…

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Puerto Rico Tourism Does It Better? Really?

Isla Verde Playa Hobbie Sunrise

Puerto Rico Tourism Does It Better By Not Believing in Local Resources. A few days ago I wrote Puerto Rico 1st Needs to get the Product Right regarding on how clueless the Puerto Rico Tourism office is towards online marketing and blogs. Today I was watching TV when I saw the current ad that they…

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Step 1: To Improve Puerto Rico’s Economy

Try Medalla or At Least Boycott Coors Light Just a few days ago I read a post regarding on how entrepreneurship is more than needed on my Beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. This post was very aligned to what I agree is needed in Puerto Rico. Our island suffers from the disease of importing more…

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