Puerto Rico 1st Needs to get the Product Right

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One of my goals in life is to fix the many issues I can identify locally. One of the main reasons I started this blog is to correct customer service issues locally (Puerto Rico).

Yesterday I received a tweet by @therealgabo related to a previous conversations we had (via twitter) on the PR Tourism Company using a U.S. based company to run their social media effort.

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I went into review the link which led to an article posted in “El Vocero” Puerto Rico newspaper.

Approximately a month ago I wrote a post How does Puerto Rico Grade in Customer Service?. I was mainly criticizing how the Tourism company was marketing a product without getting the product right.

Most products or services that are very successful first got the product right.

A few days ago a post was created online titled Puerto Rico paradise plagued with pollution the article was created depicting many of the set backs Puerto Rico has suffered in the last few years. I live in Puerto Rico and I love our island and although everything depicted in the article discomforts me the reality is that eturbonews used real facts. I have to give them credit because they hit the nail on the head with the following quote.

Perhaps the “Just Think” marketing campaign should “think” about the serious reality of the situation in the PR and “think” about a turnaround plan prior to drawing global attention to the many issues it faces.

Do you agree with the previous quote?

I really see a great opportunity for the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to realize that their approach is not adequate and will get them nowhere. On that same article the PR Tourism office responded with a press communication (going the traditional way in disagreement with the message).

In no way does the Tourism Company present a way of fixing the problems depicted in the eTurboNews post instead it tries to sugar coat what has happened trying to make our current governor a hero with very weak points.

My recommendation for the Tourism Department is to take a different approach to recruit people like myself who are willing to fix most of these issues. In the meanwhile our government tries to turn a blind eye to all the problems and bury there head in the sand like an ostrich waiting for this problem and many others to pass without being proactive and fixing them.

How do you think we can correct most of the issues depicted in Puerto Rico paradise plagued with pollution?

Do you think that the approach the PR Tourism Office took is adequate?

Any other suggestions or comments?

How can we get the Product Right First?

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