TEDx Youth San Juan

TEDx Youth San Juan stage

I rarely attend local conferences. Most of them are very commercial and don’t nearly resonate with me. Listening to folks selling something keeps me away from wanting to make an effort to invest money and much less time with most local conferences. A few weeks ago I got an email with the details of TEDx…

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Political Speech Translator

On many occasions I see how local politicians create confusion by obfuscating statistics when they want to convey a message. They are masters at using statistics to there favor. I saw this video that my friend @decli shared on Facebook and I think it would be awesome if someone locally in Puerto Rico where to…

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Puerto Rico Tourism Does It Better? Really?

Isla Verde Playa Hobbie Sunrise

Puerto Rico Tourism Does It Better By Not Believing in Local Resources. A few days ago I wrote Puerto Rico 1st Needs to get the Product Right regarding on how clueless the Puerto Rico Tourism office is towards online marketing and blogs. Today I was watching TV when I saw the current ad that they…

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Puerto Rico 1st Needs to get the Product Right

One of my goals in life is to fix the many issues I can identify locally. One of the main reasons I started this blog is to correct customer service issues locally (Puerto Rico). Yesterday I received a tweet by @therealgabo related to a previous conversations we had (via twitter) on the PR Tourism Company…

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Make the Police Fight Crime not Students!!!

A Few months ago I wrote about Police Brutality when protestors where protesting pacifically at the Puerto Rico Capitol (“Coup de Etat” by Our President of the Senate , Mad Cow Disease Epidemic in Puerto Rico &  Sad Day for Our Island – Puerto Rico).  Police brutality here in Puerto Rico has been something more common…

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