Perfect Moments


In 2006 I read Chasing Daylight:How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My LifePhotos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico (affiliate link) a book by Eugene O’Kelley who I met while I worked for KPMG when he was a CEO before he passed away. Different to any other book this one clearly changed my purpose and focus of life.

The most resonant lesson to 26-year-old like me (at that moment) was how unplanned events turn into perfect moments that will not return and you must make the best of them. Since then with a few reminders from my friend Moises I make sure I pay close attention to when I think I have had a perfect moment.

More than one perfect moment

Yesterday was an awesome day since I had many small perfect moments that I could probably translate in what for me is a perfect day.

Happy Clients

I started the day getting compliments from a project we initiated a year ago and finished last summer. We helped that specific client with improving their online presence from making a full website assessment to creating guidelines on how they could improve their communication.

We where very lucky to be hired by such motivated individuals because we got them started and running and yesterday I received this quote in my email from one of their project managers.

Exciting stuff though, we seem to be getting more interesting and bigger clients all the time – rebrand and restructure paid off.

The fact that they are getting bigger and more importantly interesting clients just filled me with happiness. I can’t thank them enough for trusting us and taking the ball and running with them. It’s not often you get such great feedback from a client.

Instagram Post that made me smile

An online friend Obed A. Roldán-Castro made me smile by sharing a picture of his iPhone with a background of one the pictures I shared online.

Mi iPhone con la fotografía de @raulcolon de wallpaper. 

I chat with Obed not as often as I would like but having him enjoy how I capture small snippets of my morning walks via images really motivates me to continue sharing what I see and I am able to capture with the lens of a camera.

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I also get to see how my Rock Star soldier of a friend and ex army buddy Carlos Gonzalez Sanchez keeps himself motivated while being far away from his family serving in Afghanistan also for many months. His positive attitude while he is serving serves as inspiration for me to get off my ass and work harder than usual to reach my goals.

Understanding My Technology Tools Better

I learned a few tricks and things that will be very useful in building future complex WordPress websites. I enjoy so much understanding how one line of code transfers to a browser and how precise you have to be to be able to make that happen sometimes. Just a few characters will throw you off and make you lose significant time if you are not careful enough.

100+ Kisses and a Sexy Mom

I got to kiss my daughter at least 50 times (that is when I stopped counting). I was able to see my other half Lucilla Feliciano look extremely sexy and hot while wearing clothes from our friend Eudeliz Santiago’s Boutique Blusa.

Great Neighbors and Friends

I went to have dinner with the most amazing neighbors who in less than 7 months make me feel they are like family. It was a celebration of Amaury becoming a grandfather and us being able to have great friends like Liz, Cirene, Resat , and those that where not their physically.

I ended my night walking my Labrador Juanga on the Beach with a friend I always give a hard time but I love so much Melvin Rodriguez, The best news is the only time he reached for his phone was to turn the Flashlight app so I could clean juanga’s poop (that is a true friend).

Pay close attention

They’re where many interesting moments during the day and a few where perfect unplanned moments.

The most important thing is that I took the time to enjoy it.

How many perfect moments we let waste because we are too connected and we can’t disconnect.

We consume too much and yet we want more.

It was a perfect day because I understood that we only had so much time in the day and we made the best of it.

Make sure you do your best to make each day as perfect as possible. Celebrate when it goes well and make sure to focus on your next when you feel it did not.

Breathe, Relax, Enjoy Every Second, and Smile.



  1. Nando Caban-Mendez on February 16, 2013 at 10:43 am

    Right on, Raúl. Thanks for sharing. I kind of needed it.

    • Raul Colon on February 16, 2013 at 4:31 pm

      You know what would be perfect if you come and visit… Un abrazo hermanito!