Now or Decades later?

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Last year I went to an event called Genius Shared. One of the key takeaways I got was how I needed to plan for 6 months and no more.

Life can turn on 2 seconds

Just yesterday as I saw a video of the late Diem an MTV Reality TV star that lost her life battling ovarian cancer.

I got a quick reminder that so many times we lose our focus and work hard towards our long term goals.

Is money everything?

When I sit down with  individuals that make money a priority and leave everything else for later, I see how they are planning in the future to enjoy life.

They might have the bank account to sustain that life they dreamt about. But do they have the time in this earth to live it.

To many people live everyday planning for their next. I know way too many people who live their lives planning for future decades.

It is not clear if we will be here tomorrow.

Chasing Daylight

In 2006 I read a book which is still one of my favorites.  That book was Chasing Daylight from the Late Gene O’Kelley.

I had the opportunity to meet Gene while I was one of the associates of KPMG .

Gene got diagnosed with Cancer and in less than 100 days he left this earth. His plans to retire to Arizona were thrown away and instead of lamenting it, he left a guide for life. But even in his last days he was grateful of those perfect moments.

From that moment on, my journey of not being part of the norm began. I shifted from owning many luxuries and earning the money to sustain it, to owning my life and letting go of those luxuries.

It has been a work in progress because like most people, I understand why people get caught up on those luxuries. But over time living a simpler life has allowed me to spend most of my 4 year old daughter’s life with an arm’s length.

Plan but Make sure You Live Now

I plan towards the future but living the moment. Yes on occasions I might have some hiccups and obstacles to overcome. But I have handful of awesome people that surround me and that support what I do.

As I plan for the next 6 months, I can only think of where I will be. It is hard for me to see in the future when there is so much of today that we can conquer.

Will it be Now?

How far are you planning out? Will you make it?

But most importantly what are you saying no to today that you have to probably starting say yes to.

Like my friend Robbie Vorhaus would say, One Less One More my friend.

So will it be now?