What Map have you Chosen?

Train Tracks in Chicago

The map we choose to follow might not be the one we usually use to navigate our life.

A few months ago I was in Chicago, in a room full of brilliant individuals. In that room, with the help of others, I was able to map out what would be the next 6 months of projects and how I would focus on one specific one.

I also learned the importance of coming back to one specific 6 month goal and readjusting it or making a new one.

I see many folks going after a goal or a dream but the path they have chosen is one that is taking them to another destination, very distant from their dreams and wishes.

As I work towards my next steps such as helping others via online courses and mentoring or getting them to reach their $18.5k goal for a kickstarter, at Limonade we are helping them identify the right support systems.

I ask you what map have you chosen?

Are you following it or steering off course?